CYO Roadrunner London Wishman Racked Up 10 Points for St. Matthew in the 400

A straight forward race with a tough field of competitors resulting in a two second advantage for Wisher and gold for St. Matthew!  The 400 is a challenging race that used to be called a “run” now called a “dash” because the participants go hard and fast all the way around!

  1. London Wisher, St. Matthew, 1:10.49
  2. Juliana Peters, St. Anthony, 1:12.18
  3. Abigail Anderson, Our Lady of the Lake, 1:14.45
  4. Madeline Johnson, Pacific Crest Academy, 1:15.28
  5. Caitlin Moran, St. John Fisher, 1:15.70
  6. Ava Gaggini, Valley Catholic, 1:17.56
  7. Sophie Buzzard, Pacific Crest Academy, 1:17.90
  8. Stephanie Edwards, Pacific Crest Academy, 1:20.37

London WishmanIMG_3587

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