Rock Wall and Picturesque View

CAMP HOWARD February 16, 2018

Our regular Tuesday afternoon meeting at Camp Howard to visit with architects and builders did not disappoint!  I am so excited to see the framing and walls go up on “Mary’s Lodge”.  The building continues to take shape.

Below: A new road, required by the Fire Dept. is located below the building and is the point from which the photo is taken.  The concrete is outdoor patio/eating space and there will be an outdoor fireplace which can be seen in the photos below.


Below: Three quarter view of the end and side of the building.


Below: A large opening for doors and windows show the spectacular view.


An outdoor decorative rock wall juxtaposed to the outdoor fireplace will provide a wonderful outdoor environment for special events.


Below: Working outdoors under a plastic tent, the fireplace takes shape!


Below: Putting up the glue laminated beams!


Hans Etlin, from Soderstrom Architects, inspects the specially fabricated hardware which will hold the massive timbers at the entrance to the building.


Walls and Fireplaces

The crew at Todd Construction is very enjoyable to work with.  They are constructing the new “Mary’s Lodge at Camp Howard.”  We meet every Tuesday rain or shine and go over the schedule and anything relevant to the smooth working of the construction projects. We try to get photos every week and here are the current happenings:

Below:  Walls are going up on the new Dining Hall at Camp Howard!IMG_7828
Below:  The firewall is being installed inside one of the fireplaces to grace the new dining hall at Camp Howard.
Below:  Stone being applied to an outer wall facing the outside eating area
Stone worker enthusiastic about his work doing beautiful work on the outside wall.  The Lord loves a cheerful worker!

Building Rain or Shine

Not a surprise, seems like more rain than shine these days at Camp Howard as contractors work through the drizzle to finish up the foundation of the new “Mary’s Lodge at Camp Howard!”

When the project is finished, I plan to perch myself in front of the windows overlooking the Bull Run and Mt. Hood and drink coffee all afternoon with friends!  Call me to get your name on the list of friends who would like to join me! 503-231-9484

Below: The plastic “tent” is actually scaffolding surrounded by plastic to keep rain off of the fireplace that is being installed.  Pretty exciting to see the work being done!


Inside the “tent” small glimpse of the inside of the fireplace and firewall being installed.


Framers lay out the area where walls will spring up.  In no time they will have the walls up and a cover over the building so they can work inside.  That is my prediction!  We will see how long it takes!IMG_7811


Giving Tuesday Makes Great Memories Possible


I am so grateful to all of our supporters who believe in our mission to make great memories possible for the 11,000 youth who participate annually in our programs. We rely on financial support to fund scholarships and to continue our excellence in programs. Tomorrow is a well-recognized global day of giving. I encourage you to participate in #Giving Tuesday! Here are two options for giving to CYO/Camp Howard:

  1. Support our scholarship programs:  to give youth an opportunity to play sports or attend camp. (include the photo of girls attached)
  2. Give to the new dining hall at Camp Howard. Very close to my heart is our campaign to complete a new dining hall at Camp Howard: Mary’s Lodge. Please visit our GoFundMe Page where you can see the latest updates and contribute to the new Dining Hall.

Be sure to DOUBLE your donation by contacting your employer for a match. Securing an employer match is a great way to have your donation help even more youth☺.

I am deeply grateful for your support. Many blessings to you and your family as we approach the Christmas season.

Sister Krista

CYO 8th Grade Girls Spike Volleyball Championship St. Joseph vs Cathedral

November 18, 2017 • 8th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Home Team: St. Joseph’s (Vancouver, WA) (Red)

Coaches: Bart Hansen, Casey Moltrum, Eileen Stemple

Players: Alyssa, Caroline, Alexandra, Sydney, Alana, Tyra, Lauren, Renee, Bridget

 Visiting Team: Cathedral (Navy)

Coach(s): Megan Aguon, Fergie Bush

Player first names:Maisie, Nathalie, Chloe, Harper, Elliott, Alli, Madeleine, Avery, Lily, Maggie


Set 1: St. Joseph 25 Cathedral 10

Set 2: St. Joseph 25  Cathedral 15

Set 3:

Game Highlights: The level of play at 8th grade is incredibly good with the teams showing off some incredible developed skills and talent.  The power, finesse and technique of each individual girl comes together to form a wonderful team effort.  The rally’s at this level are exceptionally fun to watch.  We will see several of these girls on high school teams next year.

FINAL: St. Joseph, Vancouver in two.

Below: 2017 CYO Spike Volleyball Champions, 8th Grade Girls, St. Joseph, Vancouver, WA

2017 8th Girls VB 1st Place St. Joseph

Below: 2017 CYO Spike Volleyball Championships 8th grade girls 2nd place Cathedral

2017 8th Girls VB 2nd Place Cathedral