SSMO Jubilee Sunday Celebrated


BEAVERTON — The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon (SSMO) paid tribute to seven Sisters who celebrated significant anniversaries of their years in committed, vowed religious life during the annual SSMO Jubilee Mass and reception.

The Jubilarians were honored on Sunday, July 29 at 1:30 p.m. in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel in the SSMO Motherhouse. The SSMO campus is located at 4440 SW 148th Avenue, Beaverton. Additional information about the 2018 Jubilarians is available on the Sisters’ website.

“Each year we anticipate the celebration with our Jubilarians and honor them for their generous contribution to the life of our Community through their commitment to religious life and God,” said Sister Charlene Herinckx, Superior General of the SSMO.

With a combined 445 years of service, this year’s SSMO Jubilarians are: Sr. Angeline Sohler, celebrating 75 years; Sr. Mary Ann Hathaway, celebrating 70 years; Sr. Catherine Hertel, Sr. Delores Klupenger, Sr. John Therese Miller, Sr. Jean Marie Van Dyke, and Sr. Geraldine Brady celebrating 60 years of service.


BELOW: Sr. Jean Marie VanDykeIMG_8254

BELOW: Sr. Catherine HertelIMG_8255

BELOW: Sr. John Therese MillerIMG_8256

BELOW: Sr. Angeline SohlerIMG_8257

BELOW: Sr. Mary Ann HathawayIMG_8258

BELOW: Sr. Geraldine BradyIMG_8259

BELOW: Celebrant Archbishop John VlaznyIMG_8283

Laser Tag Director Scores Big Fun for Campers

Gabe Klinger (center) and his companions provide a “blast” of great memories for campers who engage in laser tag at Camp Howard.  The unique lasers are designed for outdoor daylight use.  A computer generates games and  compiles the scores of each team and team member making for a delightful experience!  Laser tag is available to 11 & 12 year olds and older.

0. GabeIMG_8449IMG_8521IMG_8595IMG_8614IMG_8633IMG_8637IMG_8651

Cabin Rules, a Sunday Night Activity

A unit at Camp Howard is made up of several cabins 5 or 6 to be exact.  I had the joy of watching the Unit Director (Maddi Parvankin) and her faithful staff go over the cabin rules for their Greenwood campers (boys up to and including 10 years old).  They had the drill down to a precision as each member of the unit took on a topic ranging from the buddy system where you always take someone with you anywhere you go at camp to how you treat the cabin.  It was wonderful.  The boys knew exactly what the expectations were and conducted themselves accordingly the rest of the week.  I then followed them to their first campfire of the week.  Great group of kids and staff!


Giant Swing Provides “WOW” Moments

Your friends help you out by pulling you up to the launch point on the giant swing.  You hit the disconnect and are sent swinging into the wild blue yonder at Camp Howard.  The spectacular view of the Bull Run along with the impressive location of the giant swing, up against a steep hill, helps add to the awe of the ride!  Once is never enough!


St. Michael the Archangel’s “Sister Mike”

The Camp Store is a favored place for campers and this year is no different.  The Camp Store Director has changed however as Cheyenne Cunning graduated from college and began her work career, “Sister Mike,” has stepped into the role and has had a lot of fun creating her own vision of the space.  Each director brings their own flavor to the store but one thing doesn’t change, it is a daily function for campers to experience the store and find those items that will enhance their camp experience!

Sister Michael Francine is thrilled to be a part of the Camp Howard staff and grateful for the helpful staff who have kindly made her learning experience much easier!

Sister Mike is a Sister of St. Mary of Oregon (SSMO) and has a special devotion to St. Michael the Archangel.


Back to the Mural by Wayne Chin

Wowzers! It is clear the mural in Mary’s Lodge at Camp Howard will finish the building in grand style!  The dedication on August 11th will show off the new state of the art food preparation and dining facility, a dream come true for staff at Camp Howard!

Wayne Chin is a well known local artist and art instructor.  It is a joy to watch him at work!

ps – He moved the raccoons!