Meet of Champions – The Results are in!

We will be posting the results of all of the events from the Meet of Champions in the next several days.  In the mean time, Team results:

  1. St. Pius X (Portland) – 288.50 points
  2. St. Anthony (Tigard) 219
  3. St. Thomas More (Portland) 179
  4. West Hills Christian School (Portland) 173.50
  5. Our Lady of the Lake (Lake Oswego) 153
  6. Valley Catholic (Beaverton) 133
  7. Holy Trinity (Beaverton) 111
  8. St. Matthew (Hillsboro) 107
  9. Christ the King (Milwaukie) 82
  10. All Saints (Portland) 60
  11. Cathedral School (Portland) 58
  12. St. John the Apostle (Oregon City) 52
  13. St. Francis (Roy)/Visitation (Verboort) 44
  14. St. Andrew Nativity (Portland) 38
  15. St. Clare (Portland) 31
  16. Holy Family (Portland) 30
  17. Our Lady of Lourdes (Vancouver, WA) 30
  18. Madeliene (Portland) 29
  19. St. Ignatius (Portland) 25
  20. St. John Fisher (Portland) 16
  21. St. Joseph (Vancouver, WA) 12

End of Season CYO Dance at Oaks Park

The CYO dances over the course of a year are extremely popular activities and good learning opportunities for youth on how to dress and behave in a social setting with other middle school youth.  It is also an opportunity for youth whose regular contact might be through competition to come together and become friends in a more social setting.  The May CYO dance is always outdoors where we welcome next year’s 7th graders and say goodbye to the current 8th graders.  This dance will number in the range of 800 to 1000 middle schoolers.  It is one of the most enjoyable dances of the year and this year in particular as the kids could not have been a better group of youngsters!  Special thanks to St. Matthew and Holy Redeemer for acting as the parent chaperones!  Maryann & Brian Stewart and the dance team!

We enjoyed watching the pizza crew try to keep up with the dancers!

Did I tell you about the Rhodies?

We often thought a row of rhododendrons on Camp Howard Road would look spectacular after several years growth.  The key was to get them growing.  Karen told me not to buy more than 20.  They were on sale though, I thought to myself why so few?  I bought 50!  We spray painted on the ground every 10 feet to space them out then started planting them.  After about the 10th plant I knew why she said to only buy 20.  God sent an angel in Bob Jaques from the Catholic Sentinel and his father.  They drove up just as we were about to fold and said, “Could you use some help?”  They helped us get over half of them planted that day.  Karen and crew finished it up the following week for which I will always be grateful to them.  Lesson learned!


Everyone Loves a Parade!

The West Regional CYO Track and Field Championship was held at Valley Catholic May 12, 2018 for half of the 3rd & 4th graders.  The other half participated in the East Regional meet at La Salle College Preparatory School in Milwaukie.  Top 4 runners in each event from each regional will participate in the CYO Meet of Champions with the 5,6,7 & 8th Graders May 19 & 20 at Jesuit High School.