Owen Wilson WAS at Camp Howard

News reports of sightings of Owen Wilson in Portland were correct as he was here to shoot a segment for Documentary Now shot at Camp Howard June 14 – 18, 2018.  The film will be shown in January.  If you are not familiar with Documentary Now, they put short spoofs together of real documentaries where they poke a little fun (kindly) on various themes.

The segment shot at Camp Howard has to do with a cult coming to a small town, similar to what happened in Central Oregon in the early 1980’s.  See if you can figure out the role Wilson played.

After the “shoot” he came to the camp dining hall to meet the leadership staff of Camp Howard which was a very kind gesture!  The staff was thrilled to say the least to have the opportunity to meet Owen Wilson and I am sure it will be one of the top highlights of their summer!


Camp Howard Volleyball Camp NCAA National Champion Player to Coach

The CYO/Camp Howard Volleyball Camp is led by Patty Jayne.  She is a current CYO coach at St. Joseph in Vancouver.  In addition to this current coaching position, Patty has also coached at the high school and collegiate level.  Patty was also a member of the 1988 Portland State NCAA National Championship Team.  Patty loves the game of volleyball and it shows.

Over the course of the weekend, the campers will be divided by age to work on the fundamentals of the game, including passing, setting, hitting and serving.  Patty incorporates numerous games so the players are having fun and learning the game.  In addition to learning volleyball skills, the players will also engage in camp activities such as arts & crafts, swimming, visiting the camp store, giant swing/zip line (for campers 13 yrs. and older) and archery.  The kids will sleep in cabins and enjoy camp fires, as well.

The camp is from Thursday, June 28th through Sunday, July 1st.  Registration is open on our website at http://www.cyocamphoward.org/camphoward

Jenna Bass

CYO Director of Basketball & Volleyball

Office: 503-231-9484 x107

Cell: 503-740-7640

Email: jennab@cyocamphoward.org

Below: 1. Campers at the 2017 Camp Howard Volleyball camp 2. Anna Maria Lopez (sister of Patty Jayne) helps coach the summer camp at Camp Howard


Ed Kluss, Executive Board President, CYO/Camp Howard, Receives Appreciation

From the Script:

Ed Kluss

Mr. Ed Kluss CYO/Camp Howard Executive Board was led by Ed Kluss again this year.  Ed is the Vice President of Umpqua Bank.  He has been especially helpful to me this year with some of the historic gifts CYO/Camp Howard has received.  It is great to have a good banker in the house!  Ed has been indispensable working with the Catholic Charities Board, on behalf of CYO/CH.  Ed is very detailed, precise, humorous and enjoys a good laugh. 

I would like to award our Spirit of CYO award to Ed Kluss for his great work with the Executive Board.

Sister Krista: gives him a plaque

George and Tammy Awarded by CYO/CH

George & Tammy Weivoda

George and Tammy Weivoda – Awarded May 22, 2018 at the CYO/Camp Howard Appreciation Dinner held at the University of Portland

From the Script:

“October 9th will be the date of our 8th Champions of Faith benefit Dinners – can you believe it?  We have had some really great people step up to lend their good names to chair the dinners – Werner & Colleen Nistler, Sean & Sheri Dooney, Judy Winczewski, Bob & Kathleen Burtchaell and this past year, we had George and Tammy Weivoda.  George has served for many years as a coach, Basketball Commission member and basketball commission chair.  I called him last year and asked him if he and Tammy would be willing to step up and help us out as chairs of the dinner last year and they said “Yes”.  We could not be more pleased with the great job they did helping us spread the word about CYO and Camp Howard.

  • We would like to say thank you, George & Tammy, for your service this past year as chairs of our dinner! God bless you both!”

Lisa Sanders: Give  them the book

Sr. Krista: Give them the Clock

Sister Krista Inducts Mr. Joseph Weston into the CYO/Camp Howard Hall of Fame

With the conclusion of the CYO Meet of Champions, the Track and Field finale in May, we turned our attention toward the annual CYO Appreciation Dinner at the University of Portland.  This event is CYO/Camp Howard’s opportunity to thank a few of the hundreds of volunteers who make the organization operate each year.  Over the next few days we will take a look at those who were honored….beginning with our Hall of Fame inductee, Mr. Joseph Weston!

From the script May 22, 2018 at the University of Portland:

Mr. Joseph Weston 1

“Mr. Joseph Weston We are truly blessed this evening to have in our gathering, a man who has worked hard all his life and as a result has been able to bless countless others in a multitude of ways.

Mr. Joseph Weston, a product of All Saints School and Central Catholic High School in Portland, gives millions of dollars each year in tuition assistance, endowments and matching grants through the Weston Foundation.  He was recognized nationally with the Elizbeth Ann Seton Award from the National Catholic Educational Association at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. in October of 2017.  This award is presented each year to someone whose support and service impacts Catholic education and the well-being of the nation’s youth.

If you Google Mr. Joseph Weston, Portland, you come up with some really great articles about him that I find valuable to read because you can pick up some nuggets of wisdom.  I would like to share a few of his quotes:

  • Act before year’s end to donate as much as $100,000 from a 401(k) to a non-profit with zero tax liability. (What that means is that you could donate 100,000 to CYO/Camp Howard and not take a tax hit!)
  • Resist being tempted by banks to take out home equity loans. The free and clear house can be a mainstay of inheritance, helping families pay for education or begin their own philanthropy.
  • Catholic schools must set up legal endowments. “Talk to alumni and give them a guilt trip to some extent. Tell them they can do estate planning. You just have to make people aware they are successful because of their education. When you are successful, you’ve got to remember your [grade and high] school.”
  • Save for retirement and have an emergency fund if something goes awry. But everyone can get into the habit of giving to good causes, even if it’s small at first. Weston calls himself an example of how good it can feel to give.

Weston has a heart for the working poor, the ones who have trouble making ends meet. If he can help a family like that send someone to a Catholic school, that’s a fine day’s work in his mind.

Mr. Joseph Weston has been a friend of CYO/Camp Howard for many years.  Mr. Weston was the sponsor of our original CITY basketball tournament over twenty-five years ago and that is how I first came to know him.

Most recently, in December of 2015, Henry Fitzgibbon, past CYO/CH board member and chosen architect for Mary’s Lodge the new dining hall at camp, and I went to visit Mr. Weston.  He didn’t know it at the time, but he would make the decision as to whether we built the lodge or not.  We needed a good strong lead gift upon which to anchor our campaign.  As we sat down at the table, I pulled out my list of “what when where and how” and carefully went through it.  As I finished, Henry told me Mr. Weston winked at him with a kindly twinkle in his eye as he turned his head toward me and said, “Yes!”

That day set a course at CYO/Camp Howard that has not stopped.  People did jump on board to help us with the dining hall.  If Mr. Weston was behind it, it seemed like a solid plan to them.  I know of at least one person who called Mr. Weston directly to see if we were a safe bet!

Mr. Weston we would like to honor you by inducting you into our Hall of Fame this evening.  You have made an extraordinary impact on Catholic institutions in the greater Portland area and we consider ourselves especially fortunate to be counted among your friends.

Sister Krista: Give Mr. Weston a Hall of Fame Award!


Fastest Kids in CYO – Here They Are!

The 100 Meter Dash is the shortest, fastest race in the books.  The winners of this race are considered the quickest kids in the program.  Here are this year’s “Fastest Kids in CYO!”

Kiana Johnson (Cathedral) wins for the Roadrunner girls after posting the only mark in the 14 second category at 14.82.  The record for this event is 14.39 by Martha Cabrera (Holy Trinity) in 2005.  Kiana edged out Sadie Fletcher (St. Anthony) 15.04 and Lily Mae Buerkle (Madeleine) 15.29.  Johnson also won the 200 meter dash.

Chase Borden (St. John the Apostle) won the 100 for Roadrunner boys with a time of 14.08 with a close second by Joseph Stimpson (St. Pius X) 14.18 followed up by Kai Kopplin (St. Anthony) posting a time of 14.98.  Borden also won the 200 meter dash.

Selah Molden (Our Lady of the Lake) 13.73 edged out Valley Catholic’s Nina Stecher  13.85 in a close Cub division contest.  Molden came into the championships as the underdog behind Stecher who had posted a season best of 14.08 to Molden’s 14.33.  Both girls improved in the semi-finals and again in the finals to set personal bests for the year.  Hanna McAuliffe (St. Anthony) was third posting a time of 14.34.

Townsend Powell (St. Anthony) won the title for the Cub boys posting a time of 13.19 over Hugh Ruttledge’s (St. Clare) 13.76.  Grant Valley (Holy Trinity) rounded out the top 3 with a time of 13.81.  Powell came into the contest posting the best pre-season time of 13.58 and also won the 200.

Allyson Hammond, (Visitation) an 8th grader from the smallest Catholic School in the Greater Portland area which combines with the other smallest Catholic School in the Greater Portland area, Visitation School (Verboort) and St. Francis (Roy), for the second year in a row dominated the 100 meter dash for Cadet girls winning it with a very fast 13.03 over Sarah Rossetti (St. Matthew) 13.54 and Marissa Daniels (All Saints) 13.83.

Marcus Dillard (Christ the King) 11.87 and Austin Stampflee (St. Matthew) 11.93 continued the battle for speed with Marcus on top in the 100 (Stampflee won the 200).  Antony Ganz (St. Pius X) rounded out the top 3 with a time of 12.75.  Another fantastic race!

Below: Kiana Johnson, Chase Borden, Selah Molden, Townsend Powell, Allyson Hammond, Marcus Dillard.