Sister Krista von Borstel is a member of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon (S.S.M.O.) of Beaverton, Oregon.  She is the Executive Director of the Catholic Youth Organization (C.Y.O.)/Camp Howard, the athletic arm of the Catholic School system in the Archdiocese of Portland.  CYO/Camp Howard includes the sports of Football, Cheerleading, Volleyball in the fall, Basketball and Swim in the Winter , Track and Field and Lacrosse in the Spring.  In the summer months, the organization provides a summer camping program at Camp Howard for over 1500 youth.

Sister Krista can be reached at srkrista@cyocamphoward.org

CYO/Camp Howard • 825 NE 20th Ave. # 120 • Portland, OR  97232

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  1. Hello I had my outdoor school at camp Howard. That experience was in May of 1989. I was trying to remember where Camp Howard was then. I thought it was close to the edge of the Tillamook burn. Can you tell me where it was in May of 1989? I suffered a car accident shortly after returning from outdoor school. My memory has been effected because of a TBI from that accident. I attended with Archbishop Howard.


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