CYO 6th Grade Boys City BXB Championship Results

SUNDAY March 6, 2022



COACH’S: Bob Lukasiewicz, James Williamson

PLAYER FIRST NAMES:P Collin, Sean, Aiden, Alec, Brady, Kellan, Zach, Austin, Brandon, Olly

VISITING TEAM: St. Anthony (Tigard)

COACH’S: Raymunc Baluyut, Michael Shan

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Shay, William, Boden, Cole, Garrett, Michael, Jakob, Michael, Derek

The game between these two teams was tied at the end of the first quarter 10 – 10 and close as the game went into half time.

An exciting game with St. Pius X staying close enough to keep the game interesting against a very good shooting St. Anthony that maintained a 10 point margin most of the second half.  Today, St. Anthony had the upper hand and ended the game with a  64 – 53 final score.

CYO 6th Grade Girls City BXB Results

SUNDAY March 6, 2022



COACH’S Ted Stark, Michael Liu, Marc McCullagh, Trond Williams

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Madeline, Violet, Grace, Aubrey, Alexa, Lauren, Rowynn, Madeline, Samantha, Maizy, Anna

VISITOR TEAM: Holy Redeemer

COACH’S Sonora Thirdgill, Joseph Ederer, Malik Thirdgill, Yasmin Woodard

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Edith, Jayda, Jeannemarie, Julia, Isira, Amelia, Gema, Eva, Sera

St. Pius X and Holy Redeemer split games during the season with each team taking a game from the other. 

Quarter 1: Tough play for both teams St. Pius X lead at the end of one 7 – 2.

Quarter 2 – 13 – 12 Holy Redeemer

Quarter 3 – St. Pius X took the lead with the first shot of the third quarter and held on to the lead by one point at the end 17 – 16.

Quarter 4 – The Game!  With 3:27 left in the fourth quarter, the score remained 17 – 16 St. Pius X.  Neither team could buy a basket. The crowd was loud and supportive, the girls fought ferociously.  Finally, Holy Redeemer went to the charity line and sunk two to go ahead by one point. With 2:49 left St. Pius shot a three pointer and went ahead by two points 20 – 18.  Holy Redeemer stole the ball, made a lay up and tied the game 20-20 with under two minutes in the game.

St. Pius X passed the ball around on their next possession and shot a 20 footer to go ahead again 22 – 20.

Final St. Pius X 23 – Holy Redeemer 20 in what was the best game of the tournament thus far!

CYO 5th Grade Boys City BXB Championship Results

SUNDAY March 6, 2022



COACH’S: Clayton Lindsay, Jason Reding

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Parker, Carter, Luca, Jack, Charlie, Lucas, Brennan, Josiah

VISITOR TEAM: Holy Trinity

COACH’S: Laura Thiebes, Tony Salazar

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Landon, Eli, Sebastian, TJ, Luck, Henry, Jagger, Thaddeus, Stanley, Colby

First Quarter:

St. Pius X came out with a strong start to hold Holy Trinity 17 – 3.

Second Quarter: Holy Trinity roared back scoring 13 points to St. Pius X’s 6 points leaving a half time score of 23 – 16 St. Pius X.

Third Quarter: Holy Trinity made a comeback 29 – 26

Final 39 – 33 St. Pius X

CYO 5th Grade Girls City Championship Results

SUNDAY March 6, 2022


HOME TEAM St. Anthony (Tigard)

COACH’S: Aubrey Turley, Charles Keller

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Kathryn, Sofia, Bridget, Brenna, Kayla, Hazel, Audrey, Leighton, Ally

VISITING TEAM: St. Anthony (Tigard)

COACH’S: Craig Moore, Ken Feist

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Madeline, Emma, Josie D., Josie F., Allie, Layla, Lydia, Presley

Game Note: First time two teams from the same school played for a CYO City Championship!

Quarter 1

The Olson twins were a force to be reconned with and led a first quarter charge outgunning the blue team 11 – 2.

Quarter 2

Both teams scored 4 points in a tough fought quarter to bring the score to 15-6 St. Anthony Home team to end the first half.

Quarter 3

St. Anthony Home team added 6 points to their total outscoring the visiting team by 4.  The quarter ended 21 – 8.

Quarter 4

Final 26 – 9 Home Team St. Anthony.

CYO 4th Grade Boys City BXB Champs…




HOME TEAM: Our Lady of the Lake

COACH’S Chris Mallory, David Cakarnis

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Briggs, Colin, Nicholas, Finn, Henry, William, Winstorn, Brady

VISITING TEAM: Valley Catholic

COACH’S: Katie Bromert, Andrea Chakrapani

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Kevin, Luis, Cyrus, Adrian, Jacob, Arjun, Kaleb, Bryce

Valley Catholic 4th Grade Boys team brings home second place in the 2020 CYO City Basketball Championship.

First Half: Valley Catholic dominated with a sizeable lead.  Going into the halftime, Our Lady of the lake closed the gap and nearly tied it 11 to 12 Valley Catholic.

Second Half: Our Lady of the Lake took the lead by one with 6 minutes left in the third quarter.  The lead changed back and forth and with 6 seconds left in the quarter, Valley Catholic took a one point lead 22 to 21.

The fourth quarter featured a score fest between the two teams with the score changing hands more than half a dozen times before Our Lady of the Lake pulled ahead by three with 1:07 left in the game. Our Lady of the Lake iced the cake with another bucket with 20 seconds on the clock securing a 5 point lead and a game ending score of  34 – 28 with an added charity shot with 10 seconds left.  A great game between the two teams that kept the spectators on the edge of their seats throughout.

CYO 4th Girls City Basketball Champs…





COACH’S: Chris Philippi, Chris Bloomer

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Zoe, Dany, Beatrice, Sarah, Emma, Sophia, Cate, Rose, Emma, Avery, Jordan

St. Pius X 4th Grade Girls win the gold in the 2022 CYO City Basketball Championships

VISITING TEAM: Valley Catholic

COACH’S: Owen Elkins, Robert Birbeck

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Malia, Addison, Aubrey, Sahasra, Samantha, Anshu, Ariya, Lexi, Zoey, Samantha, Amanda

First Quarter:

Valley Catholic dominated the first quarter with a score of 5 to 0.

Second Quarter:

St. Pius X started a comeback scoring 4 points and Valley Catholic added 2 for a halftime score of 7 – 4 Valley Catholic

Third Quarter:

Both teams scrambled for points toward the end of the third quarter adding 6 points apiece for a quarter ending 13 – 10 Valley Catholic lead.

Fourth Quarter:

Fourth Quarter:  “The Game”

Three minutes into the game, St. Pius X took the lead, 12 – 11 beginning a firestorm of excitement and activity.  The game ended with a score of St. Pius X 14 and Valley Catholic 13.

CYO 3rd Boys City Champs…




HOME TEAM St. Anthony

COACH’S: Stephen Aidan Tabor, Lozelle Mathai

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Porter, Nick, Jackson, Gavin, Camden, Luther, Colin, Miles

VISITING TEAM: St. Thomas More

COACH’S: William Thomas, Abraham Hawkins, Brandon Peele, Rommel Vega

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Izzy, Kelly, Kirin, Rex, Luke, Palmer, Zachary, Henry, Spencer, Kingston, Crosby

First Half: A very fast paced game with St. Anthony converting shots while St. Thomas More missed the mark.  Half time score: 26 – 4 St. Anthony.

End of third quarter: St. Anthony 30 – St. Thomas More 6 in a very hard-fought quarter.

Final 39 – 15 St. Anthony

CYO Third Grade Girls BXB 2022 Champs





COACH’S: Karie Conner, Anna Martin, Michael Liu, Kennard McClennan

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Philomena, Charline, Layla, Ava, Layla, Natalia, Audrey, Reese, Gabrielle


COACH’S: Charles Keller, Alex Umbdenstock

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Lea, Sloane, Holly, Caroline, Camryn, Zoe, Hadley, Brielle, Emi

Quarter 1: Lots of back-and-forth play with several shots that were close but missed the mark.  Great ball skills being developed on both teams with obvious look at some great future athletes.  With less than a minute in the game, Caroline scored on a 20-foot shot to end the quarter 2-0 St. Anthony.

Quarter 2: St. Pius X went ahead in the second quarter with a 4-point run while St. Anthony put in an extra point to bring the score to 4-3 St. Pius X with 3:25 left in the quarter. With 10 seconds left in the half with a tied game of 5-5, St. Pius X Leila scored on a breakaway for two at the buzzer leading 7-5 at the half.

Quarter 3:

One of the most exciting 3rd grade games this writer has watched, the score was 10 – 10 with 2:47 left in the 3rd quarter. At the buzzer, St. Pius X increased the lead by 5 with a quarter ending score of 15 to 10.

Quarter 4:

A lot of energy was expended by both teams in the fourth quarter steals, shots, lots of missed attempts but plenty of attempts.  At the end of the game the score stood 21 – 14 in favor of St. Pius X.  Both teams played an incredible game

St. PIus X 3rd Grade Girls bring home the gold in the 2022 CYO City Basketball Tournament
St. Anthony Girls Basketball Team finishes second in the CYO 2022 City Basketball Tournament.

Giving Thanks as We Restart CYO Sports

Sam Robbins wins his heat of the 100 meter dash at the CYO mini meet at Valley Catholic May 1, 2021. He also took first place overall in the longjump for his age group.

Herb Lommen, Announcer, Sr. Krista von Borstel, CYO, Erik Holstrom, Javelin Coach Valley Catholic CYO reunite at Valley Catholic. The trio worked many years together on campus as teachers. Erik Holstrom is still on staff.

CYO Staff Cathy Foy, Connor Garcia and Nora Gravengaard work on the portable sound system for the upcoming track meets.

Jenna Bass and Nora Gravengaard keep spectators, volunteers and participants safe while directing them to their areas for the track and field meet.

Student Meet Director, Paige Dunckly, talks to the head track and field coaches prior to the beginning of the May 1, 2021 meet.

Paige Dunckley, CYO Meet Director talks to head track and field coaches, Liz Dooley (West Hills Christian) and Isaac Forquer (Holy Trinity) prior to the beginning of the meet. Liz and Isaac are also two of the five CYO Track and Field Commission Members.

As the CYO/Camp Howard staff work to make a comeback as a business, I am deeply touched at so many things and I would like to share some of them with you. I am sure many of us have things in common that speak to the sweetness of hearts.

First of all, I could not ask for a better group of people to work with.  They have seen the organization through a year-long furlough, come back when asked and acted as a first-class team to execute our first activities beginning with Cross Country at the end of February and Track and Field currently.

I will always have a very special place in my heart for the CYO Track and Field Commission for helping us offer and execute the new Cross Country program. Isaac Forquer (Chair), Mac Lavier, Jennifer Adamy, Liz Dooley and Randy Dollar worked with the CYO staff and really provided technical assistance, feedback, weekly meetings, encouragement and presence at all of the meets.  How do you properly thank such heroics? 

Our CYO Athletic Directors, coaches and parents have been so excited to return to action.  I was a CYO Official at Valley Catholic this past weekend, hosting three “mini meets” which basically means we held the numbers at each meet to the state mandates including participants, officials and volunteers. We cut the number of events in half to speed things up yet give the kids a good choice of activities, changing them up the following week with the other half of track events. A really positive side benefit has been that youth have tried things they never did before.  Maybe a star will be born!

I cannot give enough thanks to our volunteer parents who stepped in and assisted with the production of the running and field events.  The mini meets lasted 90 minutes each, the participants were able to compete in two events and thanks to all of these individuals all of the events across the city were finished on time and everyone seemed to be so grateful to be back.

Special thanks also to the administrators who made their facilities available to us, Valley Catholic (Beaverton), Seton Catholic (Vancouver) Portland Christian (Portland) and Liberty (Hillsboro).  If not for the sites, there would have been no CYO Track and Field meets.  We are incredibly grateful!

CYO will present three more weekends of track meets at three locations per week the next three Saturdays in May 2021.