CYO 5th Grade Boys Championship Basketball All Saints vs Holy Trinity

March 8, 2018

CYO City Basketball Championships 5th Grade Boys

Home Team: All Saints

Coach(s): Ron DePalma, Jon Spoelstra

Player first names: Emmett, Ryan, Lucas, Samson, Garrett, Alonzo, Aidan, Peter

1 Madeleine

Visiting Team: Holy Trinity

Coaches: Seth Colner, Cole Holthaus, Robert Holthaus

Players: Caden, Andrew, Jack, Noah, Ruben, Justin, Logan, John

2 All Saints

Visiting Team: Madeleine

Coaches: Robert Briscoe, Rob Chandler

Players: Felix, Jonah, Finnegan, Graham, Beckett, Daniel, Jack, Noah, Tate, Nathan, Jacob, Brady



Q2: 24-19 All Saints

Q3: 34 – 30 All Saints

Q4: 41 – 48 Madeleine

Game Highlights:

All Saints jumps out quick and slashes to the basket, often.  Madeleine has a great shooter with lots of perimeter play tough jumpers falling!

Lots of good shots and good passes in the 3rd quarter to bring the game to within 4 points.

With 5:32 left in the game, Madeleine #10 ties the game 34 – 34.

At 3:50, Madeleine takes the lead 40 – 38.  Madeleine made some key shots to take the lead in the fourth.

Both teams are well coached and all of the boys showed good sportsmanship, a credit to their coaches.

FINAL: Madeleine 48 – 41



CYO 5th Grade Girls City Championship St. Matthew vs St. Cecilia…

March 8, 2018

CYO City Basketball Championships 5th Grade Girls

Home Team: St. Matthew (white)

Coach(s): David Loza, Jeff tuck

Player first names: Chanelle, Anya, Braxtyn, Naomi, Alyssa, Emerson, Ellie, Natalie, Berkleigh, Isabel, London


1 St. Matthew Girls

Visiting Team: St. Cecilia (Blue)

Coaches: Erika Bayless, Curt Fingal

Players: Audrey, Grace, Ella, Alise, Sophia, Sarah, Julia, Mia, Margaret, Sophia

2 St. Cecilia Girls


Q1: 11-7 St. Matthew

Q2: 22-15 St. Matthew

Q3: 39 – 22 St. Matthew

Q4: 47 – 28 St. Matthew

Game Highlights:

  • Intense defense for St. Matthew and St. Cecilia (lots of ball pressure)
  • Crowd and atmosphere were spectacular! Parents and benches for both sides invested in their kids and teammates.
  • Cecilia great cheers in between quarters and timeouts (You gotta want it to win it!)
  • Strong 8-0 run in the 2nd quarter increased gap to 17 – 9
  • Intense defense carried into 2nd half with full court pressure by both sides
  • #22 on St. Matthew great drive to hoop for layup and steals inboud pass for another great layup
  • Huge 3rd quarter for St. Matthew took the lead up to 17 thanks to smothering defense
  • #23 hit a deep 3 with 1:30 to go in the 4th quarter to put on an exclamation point
  • Great team chant for St. Cecilia cheering their team on to the very end


St. Matthew 47 – 28


CYO Championship BXB 4th Grade Boys Valley Catholic vs St. Thomas More…

March 4, 2018

City Championships 4th Grade Boys

Home Team: Valley Catholic (White)

Coach(s):  Shawn Bonnett, Heinz Mueller

Player first names: Alex, Cooper, Nathan, Matthew, Luke, Sam, Marcos, Reid, Jacob, Jack

1 Valley Catholic 4th Grade

Visiting Team: St. Thomas More

Coaches: Douglas Nichols, Jimmy Sharp

Players: John, Enzo, Kalani, Jett, Griffin, Chase, Jake, Max

2 St. Thomas More 4th Grade


Q1: 16 – 2 Valley Catholic

Q2: 32 – 7 Valley Catholic

Q3: 44 – 16 Valley Catholic

Q4: 56 – 27 Valley Catholic

A great game that saw a lot of exceptional ability for fourth graders.  Valley Catholic brought a lot of fire power to the game, outmatching St. Thomas More, a team that fought until the end of the contest.

FINAL: 56 – 27 Valley Catholic

CYO Championships 4th Grade Girls Valley Catholic vs St. Pius X…

March 4, 2018

City Championships 4th Grade Girls

Home Team: St. Pius X (White)

Coach(s): Molly Reding, Marc McCullagh

Player first names: Grace, Alexis, Madeline, Annelies, Emerson, Riley, Anna, Ashley, Lauren, Emma, October, Maeve, Adalaide

1 St. Pius X Girls 4th G

Visiting Team: Valley Catholic (Royal Blue)

Coaches: Derek Foster, Brian Luu, Raffaele Zuccolo

Players: Mehneka, Aubree, Iman, Ava, Sidney, Chloe, Quinn, Isabelle, Zola

2 Valley Catholic Girls 4th G



Q1: Valley Catholic 4-2

Q2: Valley Catholic 8-4

Q3: St. Pius X 12 – 10

Q4: St. Pius X 16 – 12

Game Highlights:

Valley Catholic came out with 4 points to begin the first quarter and St. Pius X answered late in the quarter to make it 4-2 at quarter end.

Valley Catholic came out with two quick points in the second quarter

St. Pius X tied the score with 4 minutes left in the third quarter 8-8.

At the end of the third quarter, St. Pius X led 12 – 10.

A heated, back and forth fourth quarter saw several exciting shots from both teams but they could not connect with the basket!

FINAL: 16 – 12 St. Pius X

CYO Basketball Championships 3rd Grade Boys St. John Fisher vs St. Pius X

March 4, 2018

3rd Grade Boys City Championship

Visiting Team: St. Pius X (Black)

Coaches: Tony Dabbs, Loren Hotchkiss

Players: Kayden, Andrew, Nicolas, Nathan, William, Cole, Michael, Finbarr, Tyler, Quade, Jackson, Shay, Benjamin






Home Team: St. John Fisher

Coach(s): Joe Connell, (Camp Howard Counselor) Patrick Proctor

Players: Logan, Isaac, Gabriel, Nolan, Ramy, Spencer, Connor, Oliver, Casen, Carter



Q1: 9-7 St. Pius X

Q2: 17 – 9 St. John Fisher

Q3: 25 – 19 St. John Fisher

Q4: 33 – 31 St. Pius X

Game Highlights:

Quarter one both teams came out to quick start and the lead changed a couple of times the quarter ended 7-9 St. Pius X.  The second quarter, St. John Fisher found their pace and with a minute left, led 17 – 9.

With 47 seconds left in the game, St Pius came within 2 points 30 – 28 SJF.  St. Pius stole the ball with under 12 and scored to tie 30 – 30.  The game went into overtime.  The crowd went wild!

SJF scored one on a bonus shot.  St. Pius scored 2 more to take it to 33 – 30 St. Pius X.   SJF scored one more point on a bonus making the score 33 – 31 St. Pius X.

Final: St. Pius X 33 – 31 in a barn burner!

CYO Basketball Championship 3rd Grade Girls Valley Catholic vs St. Agatha…

March 4, 2018

3rd Grade Girls City Championship

IMG_7946Home Team: Valley Catholic

Coach(s): Andrea Chakrapani / Frank McKeen

Player first names: Adriana, Hannah, Leah, Tia, Cameron, Malia, Grace, Stephanie, Maanya, Natalie



Visiting Team: St. Agatha (Red)

Coaches: Jason Manson, Julie Manson

Players: Sydney, Charlotte, Samantha, Regan, Ella, Abigail, Isla, Finley, Sofie, Addison


Q1: 2-2

Q2: 11 – 4 Valley Catholic

Q3: 13 – 8 Valley Catholic

Q4: 17 – 12 Valley Catholic

Game Highlights:

After the end of the second quarter, Valley Catholic had a run of 7 points ending the quarter 11-4.  Both teams had a high scoring fourth quarter with four points per team.

FINAL:17 – 12 Valley Catholic

Let the Games Begin!

After a snow jinxed start to the CYO Basketball Championships and rescheduling of 3rd and 4th grade championships, I think we are ready to make it happen today as we hand out the heavy hardware this afternoon and evening!

Stay tuned for 3rd, 5th & 6th championships today.  Next week we will have 4th, 7th & 8th championships!