CYO Roadrunner Boys 1500 Boys Aiden Donis from St. Matthew

Aiden DonisIMG_3631

Aiden Donis had a scorching personal performance at the CYO Meet of Champions burning 23 seconds off his best time this year of 5:44.64.  The overcast weather with mild temperatures throughout the day was a perfect day for runners.  Congratulations to all of the Roadrunner Boys for their very good efforts.

  1. Aiden Donis, St. Matthew, 5:21.87
  2. Maxwell Whalen, All Saints, 5:25.39
  3. Peter Krigbaum, St. John the Apostle, 5:35.20
  4. Evan Risch, St. Thomas More, 5:47.45
  5. Nursun Schmidt, St. Pius X, 5:47.75
  6. Oliver Hamilton, St. John the Apostle 5:49.83
  7. Hunter Parrish, St. John the Apostle, 5:49.88
  8. Finlay Reid, Valley Catholic, 5:49.99

CYO 1500 Roadrunner Girls Champion Juliana Peters from St. Anthony

Juliana Peters absolutely exploded into CYO sports last year as a third grader.  She set a new record in the first championship race she ran (800) in the Roadrunner Regional at Valley Catholic.  We were sort of excited to see what she would do as a fourth grader and she did it again!  Juliana has had two fantastic years in CYO Track & Field.  She will be fun to watch.  Note her time against the Cub boys.  She would have placed second and might have lost the race by 3 seconds. sistersblog# cyocamphoward#

  1. Juliana Peters, St. Anthony, 5:24.83
  2. Emma Bennett, St. Thomas More, 5:40.18
  3. Zarra Weasel, All Saints, 5:49.06
  4. Maya Crimin, Franciscan Montessori Earth School, 5:50.92
  5. Alexis Molloy, The Cathedral School, 5:52.41
  6. Maura O’Scannlain, St. Thomas More, 5:52.73
  7. Ridlee Derry, St. Anthony, 5:53.33
  8. Madiosn Lukasiewicz, St. Pius X, 6:01.10

CYO Cadet Boys 3000 Meter Run

John Schuler posted a season best competition time of 10:08.84.  When it came time for the championships, however, he was able to shave more than 30 seconds off his time to beat second place by 5 seconds.  Four competitors were seeded ahead of John making the championship a strategic challenge.

Through the chute in order included: Efstathios Davis (St. Pius X), Jack Bennett, Anders Beil and Ryan Schumacher all from St. Thomas More, Jeffery Rogers from St. Anthony, Gavin Summers from Our Lady of the Lake and Aidan Alexander from St. Thomas More. sistersblog# cyocamphoward# cyotrack&field#


CYO Cadet Girls 3000 Meters Agony & Ecstacy

Eva McIlraith from St. Pius X claimed the 2017 Cadet girls championship for the 3000 Meter Run yesterday with a time of 11:05.15 dropping nearly 20 seconds off her seed time of 11:24.33, clearly a fantastic personal best in competition this year.

Olivia Silenzi from Valley Catholic was seeded first with a time of 11:17.57 from her pre-season competition.  With 200 yards left in the race, Silenzi fell out of first place, buckled up and began getting violently sick.  With inner fortitude, she powered on, obviously not well, and crossed the finish line in sixth place.  A remarkable finish for sure.

Other finishers in order included: (2nd) Olivia Seits & (3) Corinna Hatfield both from St. Anthony, (4) Alexandria Nagy from St. PIus X, (5) Fiona Lenth from St. John Fisher, (7) Kaitlin Gripekoven from St. Thomas More and (8) Georgia Hicken from Valley Catholic.


Twins take First and Second in CYO Cub Boys 3000

MAY 20, 2017 CYO MEET OF CHAMPIONS @ JESUIT HS sistersblog# cyocamphoward# cyotrack&field#

Vlad Stancescu and his brother Andrei Stancescu from Our Lady of the Lake took it to the track yesterday at the CYO Meet of Champions in the second race of the opening event 3000 Meter Run.  The race, seven and a half trips around the track, is not for the feint of heart.  This is the longest race for CYO and one that always gets the meet off to a great start.

Following in third through eighth place in order: Liam Murphy, Zane Moore and William Shields all from St. Thomas More, Giacomo Capriotti and Caden Swanson from St. Pius X and Jacob Bostic from St. Anthony.

BELOW: Vlad and Andrei

IMG_2997Vlad Stancescu OLLakeIMG_2989

3000-Meter Run – CYO Lead off Event


The 3000-meter run is a Track running event, also commonly known as the 3K or 3K run, where 7.5 laps are completed around an outdoor 400 m track or 15 laps around a 200 m indoor track.

In CYO, the Cubs (grades 5 & 6) and Cadets (grades 7 & 8) participate.  The Roadrunners (grades 3 & 4), participate in the 1500 as their longest race.

Kate Peters from St. Anthony School, won the Cub level of the 3000 meter Run with a time of 10:59.71.  She shaved 16 seconds off of her seed time of 11:15.03.  She was followed through the finish chute by Natalie Jack (Holy Trinity), Timna Nevo (Holy Trinity), Naya Wrenn (St. John Fisher), Maggie Bennett (St. Thomas More), Olivia Spink (St. John the Apostle), Ella Frost (West Hills Christian) and Scarlet Baertach Kovalch (St. Anthony).

IMG_2887Kate Peters 3000 ChampionIMG_2982

CYO Meet of Champions off to a Great Start


The Meet of Champions began with a parade of teams in various colors of uniforms and banners on a day designed for track.  With somewhere around 800 participants excited about what they were doing,  it was a perfect day!

We will begin posting about our events, the people, the times, the distances and the stories.

We will begin with the parade of teams! All SaintsCathedralChrist the KingFranciscan Montessori Earth SchoolHoly FamilyHoly TrinityOur Lady of Lourdes (Vancouver)Our Lady of the LakePacific Crest AcademySt AnthonySt Joseph (Vancouver)St. Andrew NativitySt. ClareSt. Francis:VisitationSt. IgnatiusSt. John FisherSt. John the ApostleSt. MatthewSt. Pius XValley CatholicWest Hills Christian