Lisa Sanders Presents CYO/Camp Howard to East Portland Rotary

Thank you to Central East Portland Rotary for inviting CYO/Camp Howard to present today

Mark your calendars for our 9th annual Champions of Faith Benefit Dinner – October 15th

Photo – Lisa Sanders, our Development Director, Rotarian – Eric Johnston, a 2018 Champions of Faith sponsor and Ron Quinonez, Jr. an Executive Board Member for CYO/Camp Howard.

Why Making Friends Is One of the Most Important Things That Happens at Summer Camp|American Camping Association

Join us this summer at Camp Howard for a week of making friends, experiencing the great outdoors and fantastic fun designed just for you! Rated “Best Camp Food” by the campers! #CampHoward

Former CYO Athletes Sign to Colleges

Congratulations to the six Jesuit Seniors, former CYO athletes, who signed on February 7th to compete in sports in college.

Left to right: Evan, Joe, Will, Sara, Emily & Anna. See below for their sports and colleges they will be attending.

Emily Buchholz, Fordham University, Crew

Anna Fanelli, Colorado College, Basketball

Joseph Quillin, Air Force Academy, Football

Sara Sanders, Oregon State University, Track & Field

Will Spitznagel, University of Oregon, Baseball

Evan Wyno, Marquette University, Lacross

We invite parents of seniors from all high schools to share their school’s CYO athletic college signings photos and details with us. We would like to blog about all of our CYO seniors who will be competing in college. 

Rhonda Shelby Thoughts on CYO and Camp Howard

Spotlight on Rhonda Shelby – CYO & Camp Howard supporter and volunteer!

Portland, Oregon’s Rhonda Shelby, local weather celebrity weighs in on CYO/Camp Howard

CYO and Camp Howard programs operate due to the amazing support of over 1,500 volunteers across the Portland Metro and SW Washington area. Over 11,000 youth participate in our programs annually due to your support and volunteers like Rhonda Shelby.

A few member of the CYO team got a chance to visit with Rhonda to learn more about her family’s participation in CYO Sports and Camp Howard. Below are links to two short video clips.

Rhonda Shelby – Sports Teaser Trailer:

Rhonda Shelby – Camp Teaser Trailer:

Giving the Best of Yourself

I was thrilled to find this wonderful document about the Christian perspective on sport and the human person. I have long believed that sports are crucial to the school day, that contests help promote schools AND that occasional games on Sunday’s, outside of Mass times, are a wholesome and appropriate activity for youth. Please enjoy the following short excerpt taken from the document:

“The Church has been engaged in dialogue with sport from the earliest years of its existence. It is well known that St. Paul used sports metaphors to explain the Christian life to the Gentiles. In the medieval period, lay Catholics played games and sports on feast days, which accounted for a good deal of the year, as well as on Sundays. Such play found theological support in the writing of Thomas Aquinas who argued that there can be “a virtue about games” because virtue has to do with moderation. A virtuous person, by this account, should not be working all the time, but also needs time for play and recreation. The humanists of the Renaissance and the early Jesuits made use of Thomas Aquinas’ understanding of virtue when they decided that students needed time for play and recreation during the course of the school day. This was the original rationale for the inclusion of play and sports in educational institutions in the Western world.”

The beautiful document is worthy of a read by of us! Enjoy!