Giving Tuesday Makes Great Memories Possible


I am so grateful to all of our supporters who believe in our mission to make great memories possible for the 11,000 youth who participate annually in our programs. We rely on financial support to fund scholarships and to continue our excellence in programs. Tomorrow is a well-recognized global day of giving. I encourage you to participate in #Giving Tuesday! Here are two options for giving to CYO/Camp Howard:

  1. Support our scholarship programs:  to give youth an opportunity to play sports or attend camp. (include the photo of girls attached)
  2. Give to the new dining hall at Camp Howard. Very close to my heart is our campaign to complete a new dining hall at Camp Howard: Mary’s Lodge. Please visit our GoFundMe Page where you can see the latest updates and contribute to the new Dining Hall.

Be sure to DOUBLE your donation by contacting your employer for a match. Securing an employer match is a great way to have your donation help even more youth☺.

I am deeply grateful for your support. Many blessings to you and your family as we approach the Christmas season.

Sister Krista

CYO 8th Grade Girls Spike Volleyball Championship St. Joseph vs Cathedral

November 18, 2017 • 8th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Home Team: St. Joseph’s (Vancouver, WA) (Red)

Coaches: Bart Hansen, Casey Moltrum, Eileen Stemple

Players: Alyssa, Caroline, Alexandra, Sydney, Alana, Tyra, Lauren, Renee, Bridget

 Visiting Team: Cathedral (Navy)

Coach(s): Megan Aguon, Fergie Bush

Player first names:Maisie, Nathalie, Chloe, Harper, Elliott, Alli, Madeleine, Avery, Lily, Maggie


Set 1: St. Joseph 25 Cathedral 10

Set 2: St. Joseph 25  Cathedral 15

Set 3:

Game Highlights: The level of play at 8th grade is incredibly good with the teams showing off some incredible developed skills and talent.  The power, finesse and technique of each individual girl comes together to form a wonderful team effort.  The rally’s at this level are exceptionally fun to watch.  We will see several of these girls on high school teams next year.

FINAL: St. Joseph, Vancouver in two.

Below: 2017 CYO Spike Volleyball Champions, 8th Grade Girls, St. Joseph, Vancouver, WA

2017 8th Girls VB 1st Place St. Joseph

Below: 2017 CYO Spike Volleyball Championships 8th grade girls 2nd place Cathedral

2017 8th Girls VB 2nd Place Cathedral

7th Grade CYO Spike Championship All Saints vs St. Joseph’s

November 18, 2017 • 7th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Home Team: All Saints (Green)

Coach(s): Jody Just, Colleen Obryant

Player first names: Olivia, Ava, Logan, Shannon, Sarah, Molly, Alycia

Visiting Team: St. Joseph (Vancouver)(Red)

Coaches: Shari Eggleston, Becki Garrow, Ed Garrow

Players: Valerie, Drew, Jocelyn, Claire, Lauren, Natalie, Sophia, Kaitlyn, Ella, Emi, Harum


Set 1: 25 – 21 All Saints

Set 2: 25 – 14 All Saints

Game Highlights: An intense set between two powerhouse teams.  The first coming to a close saw All Saints with 21 and St. Joseph with 19 as #30 was injured at the net with a foot/ankle twist? The momentum shifted to All Saints as they closed the first set 25- 21.

The second set opened with a 6-0 blitz before coach Garrow called a timeout to re-group.  After 8 unanswered points, St. Joseph surged back into the game with 6 points of their own.  St. Joseph’s stalled at 14 points as All Saints racked up the balance for the win.

FINAL: All Saints in 2

BELOW: CYO Spike Volleyball Champions 2017 All Saints

2017 7th Girls VB 1st Place All Saints

Below: 2017 CYO Spike Volleyball Championships 2nd place – St. Joseph’s (Vancouver, WA)

2017 7th Girls VB 2nd Place St. Joseph

“Holy War” 6th Grade CYO Championship Volleyball Features Holy Family & Holy Trinity!

November 18, 2017 • 6th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Home Team: Holy Family (Red)

Coach(s): Allie Koleno, Katy Prewitt, Jeannie Swift, Leasa Wiebke

Player first names: Alejandra, Brooklyn, Kaitlin, Madison, Poppy, Kathleen, Haylina, Delainy

Visiting Team: Holy Trinity (Red)

Coaches: Lina Kwee-Nguyen & Anh Khoa Nguyen

Players: Alicia, Mikayla, Kendra, Leia, Adrienne, Ericka, Lauren, Mackenzie


Set 1: 25 – 23 Holy Family

Set 2: 25-16 Holy Trinity

Set 3:15-11 Holy Family

Game Highlights:

Set 1 tied 20 to 20 after 20 minutes of play, Holy Family won it by 2 in a very close contest.  Holy Trinity came back and won the second game in a thriller that put the match into a third set.  Both teams were warmed up when Holy Family came out with a 5point blitz.  Holy Trinity answered, tied the score 5-5 until Holy Family called a timeout at 6-5 HT. Holy Family’s Hallina, led another blitz with 6 unanswered points bringing the score to 12-8, Holy Family.  Though Holy Trinity fought tirelessly, they could not overcome Holy Family today in a third set that ended 15 – 11.  Great volleyball!

FINAL: Holy Family 2 out of 3

BELOW: Holy Family 2017 CYO Spike Volleyball Championship Team

2017 6th Girls VB 1st Place Holy Family

BELOW: Holy Trinity 2017 CYO Spike Volleyball Championships 2nd Place

2017 6th Girls VB 2nd Place Holy Trinity

St. Clare vs Portland Christian for 5th Grade Girls CYO Volleyball Title…

November 18, 2017 – 5th Grade Girls Spike Volleyball Championships

Home Team: St. Clare (Navy)

Coach(s): Katherine Emerson, Tammy Olliver, Molly Schick

Player first names: Shannon, Charlotte, Sydney, Kate, Adeline, Francesca, Sofia, Mia, Anna, Riley, Rami, Gabriella

Visiting Team:  Portland Christian (Purple)

Coaches: Tara Crearer, Lisa Singleterry, Kimberly Unger

Players: Alyssa, Alison, Adrianne, Meredith, Paige, Addison, Emma, Melody, Isabelle


Set 1: 25- 23 St. Clare

Set 2: 25 – 20 Portland Christian

Set 3: 15 – 9 St. Clare

Game Highlights:  These two teams came out of regular season play with a very close scoring game with St. Clare having the edge.  Both teams showed remarkable skills in all aspects of the games given their grade level.  They are well down the path of some great volleyball.

FINAL: St. Clare 2 out of 3


BELOW: St. Clare 5th Grade CYO Volleyball Spike Champions 20172017 5th Girls VB 1st Place St. Clare

BELOW: Portland Christian 5th Grade CYO Volleyball Spike Championships 2nd Place 2017

2017 5th Girls VB 2nd Place Portland Christian


CYO 4th Grade Volleyball Spike Championships Valley Catholic vs St. Clare

November 18, 2017 • 4th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Home Team: Valley Catholic (Royal Blue)

Coach(s): Trinity Baumgartner, Julie Campbell, Karen Kustritz

Player first names: Mehneka, Ansha, Ella, Iman, Julianne, Sahana, Isabelle, Zola


Visiting Team: St. Clare (Red)

Coaches: Jessica Falken, Kristin Jondahl, Frank O’Mahony

Players: Sara, Sophia, Grace, Hadley, Addison, Sloan, Emily, Reese, Susie


Set 1: 25-15 Valley Catholic

Set 2: 25 -9 Valley Catholic

Game Highlights: Two well coached teams with lots of very good rally action between them.  The skills learned in third grade have been kicked up a huge notch this year for both teams!   Some incredible ball control & saves on Valley Catholic team made the difference.

FINAL: Valley Catholic in two

BELOW: Valley Catholic 4th Grade CYO Volleyball Spike Champions!

4 Girls 1st Valley Catholic

Below: St. Clare 4th Grade CYO Spike Volleyball 2nd place!

4 girls 2nd St. Agatha