CYO 7th Grade Boys BXB Championship

2023 CYO 7th Grade Boys City Championship at Valley Catholic School

Home Team: Valley Catholic

Coaches: Chris Bernards (Head Coach), Andy Schaer

Players: Tristan, Liam, Tyson, Tyler, Aaron, Sam, Connor, Lucas, Luke, Gavin

Mascot: The Valiants

Visiting Team: St. Pius X

Coaches: Bob Lukasiewicz (Head Coach), James Williamson (AS)

Players: Collin, Sean, Blake, Aiden, Mateo, Alec, Cedric, Brady, Zach, Austin, Matthew, Oliver

Mascot: Panthers

Game Highlights:

Two teams that have a lot of respect for one another made for a great contest between the clubs.

Quarter 1:  Valley Catholic 13 – St. Pius X 10

Quarter 2: St. Pius X 34 – Valley Catholic 23

Quarter 3: St. Pius X 52 – Valley Catholic 28

Quarter 4: St. Pius X 70 – Valley Catholic 43

CYO 7 Girls BXB Title Game Exciting

2023 CYO 7th Grade Girls City Championship at Valley Catholic School

Home Team: St. Pius X

Coaches Ted Stark (Head Coach), Marc McCullagh

Players: Avery, Maddy, Zea, Alexa, Lauren, Madeline, Samantha, Anna

Mascot: Panthers

Visiting Team: Holy Redeemer

Coaches: Sonora Thirdgill

Players: Edie, Nola, Jayda, Jeannemarie, Julia, Isira, Amelia, Gema, Eva, Kalkidan, Sera

Mascot: Wildcats

Game Highlights:

Quarter 1 – With 4:54 left in the first quarter, McCullagh scored the first basket of the game from the charity line to give the Panthers the lead. Stiles for Holy Redeemer tied the game at the other end of the court from the free throw line with a score of 1-1 with 3:56 left in the quarter. With 2:30 left in the first quarter, Holy Redeemer scored the first bucket of the game to lead the game 3-1.

Quarter 2 – Both teams got into the groove early in the second quarter and St. Pius X Stark drilled a three pointer to bring them within 1 point of the Wildcats.  She sunk another 3 on the next trip to her basket to go ahead before the Wildcats answered with a 2 pointer to even the score at 9-9.

Bourque scored a three pointer for Holy Redeemer with 2:30 left in the first half and Stark put a third three pointer in for St. Pius X.  More 3 points were scored in the first half than 2 point baskets.

Quarter 3 – Holy Redeemer came out of the break and scored two quick baskets to tie the game and got the ball back immediately on a St. Pius X inbound infraction.  Both teams were pumped for the second half.  Much back-and-forth excitement, three pointers, great defense on both teams.

Quarter 4 – St. Pius X scored 5 quick points including a three pointer to get the quarter started giving them a 10-point lead early on.  Holy Redeemer could not dig their way out, missing their shots in the fourth quarter. A great game between two talented teams.

Quarter 1: Holy Redeemer 5 – St. Pius X 1

Quarter 2: St. Pius X 20 – Holy Redeemer 16

Quarter 3: St. Pius X 35 – Holy Redeemer 30

Quarter 4: St. Pius X 45 – Holy Redeemer 38

CYO 5th grade Girls teams Clash for City Championship

Home Team: St. Pius X

Coaches Chris Philippi (H), Chris Bloomer (AS)

Players: Zoe, Daniston, Sarah, Emma, Sophia, Rose, Emma, Avery, Jordan

Mascot: Panthers

Visiting Team: Valley Catholic

Coaches: Owen Elkins, (H), Robert Birbeck (AS)

Players: Malia, Addison, Daisy, Aubrey, Keely, Samantha, Marshall, Zoey, Samantha

Mascot: The Valiants

Game Highlights:

A lot of back and forth between both teams, learning to execute plays, and other fundamentals. They generated a lot of excitement for their crowds.

Quarter 1: St. Pius X 7 – Valley Catholic 6

Quarter 2: St. Pius X 10 – Valley Catholic 10

Quarter 3: St. Pius X 18 – Valley Catholic 12

Quarter 4: St. Pius X 24 – Valley Catholic 14 – Final

Holy Family wins CYO 8 Girls Volleyball Championship 2022

Home Team: Holy Family

Coaches: Natasha Horsch, Katy Prewitt, Shannon Kaopuiki

Players: Orla, Noa, Kaya, Milania, Paley, Lily, Olivia, Audrey, Finley, Madeline, Lea, Addison

Mascot: Cardinals

Visiting Team: St. Pius X

Coaches:  Vicky Gajda, Hossein Mafinejad, Katarayna Gajdea

Mascot: Panthers

Players: Tristan, Bianca, Sawyer, Magdalena, Elie, Avery, Kiana, Marissa, Jazlyn, Thyvan

Game Highlights

Match 1: Holy Family 25, St. Pius X 19

Holy Family came out to a swift lead and led St. Pius X 17 to 7 at the first time out.

Match 2: Holy Family 25, St. Pius X 16

Great 8th grade girls’ team for the tournament finale.  Holy Family brought a strong presence, good serving, great rally skills and took control from the beginning.  A great game.

Holy Trinity and All Saints Battle it out for 7th Grade Girls CYO Volleyball Crown

Home Team: All Saints

Coaches: Colleen O’Bryant, Molly Ryan, Keith Zawadzki

Players: Delia, Stella, Alexa, Boelani, Chloe, Grace, Gianna, Nico, Myla

Mascot: Ramblers

All Saints takes first place in the CYO Volleyball Spike Championships November 19, 2022 at Valley Catholic High School.

Visiting Team: Holy Trinity

Coaches:  Tara Cenova, Shelby Cenova, Britt Entizne, Fredrick Entizne

Players: Josie, Marah, Hadley, Riley, Jordana, Maya, Eva, Skylar

Mascot: Titan

Holy Trinity takes second place in the CYO Volleyball Spike Championships November 19, 2022 at Valley Catholic High School.

Game Highlights

Match 1: All Saints 26, Holy Trinity 24

24 to 24 toward the end made for an exciting contest between two very well coached 7th grade teams.  All Saints went ahead with ace for 25 followed by another point off a Holy Trinity spike into the net to win the game.

Match 2: Holy Trinity 25 – All Saints 16

Hadley from Holy Trinity went on an 8-point roll to start the second match before the server put the ball out of bounds for a 9th point.  All saints carved away at the deficit they found themselves in and almost tied the game at 16 all.  Holy Trinity continued to outscore All Saints and Hadley again served the Titans to within one point of the match win 24 – 16.  A net ball on the next play by All Saints gave Holy Trinity the match.  The score tied at 13 to 13 and the crowd went wild.  All Saints went ahead on a net skipper serve and fired the final serve for an ace to win the high charged game. 

Match 3: All Saints 15 – Holy Trinty

Holy Trinity and All Saints went back and forth with Holy Trinity leading to about 12 points.  All Saints came blazing back and won the game 15 to 13 with some powerful serves and excellent rallies by both teams.  A fantastic game!

St. Pius X Brings home the Gold for CYO 6th Grade Volleyball

Home Team: St. Pius X

Coaches: Emily Genor & Ellie Genor

Players: Bailey, Julia, Haley, Romey, Ensley, Devan,, Emma, Hadley, Hannah, Harper

Mascot: Panthers

St. PIus X wins the CYO Spike Tournament November 19, 2022 hosted by Valley Catholic School for the Championship Finals.

Visiting Team: Holy Trinity

Coaches:  Andrew Erpelding, Ruben Landeros

Players: Ava, Mikayla, Emily, Natalie, Lylah, Genevieve, Grace, Yenli

Mascot: Titans

Holy Trinity wins second place in the CYO Spike Tournament November 19, 2022 hosted by Valley Catholic School for the Championship Finals.

Game Highlights

Match 1: St. Pius X 25, Holy Trinity 11

Match 2: St. Pius X 25, Holy Trinity

By 6th grade player skills have greatly improved as was the case with St. Pius and Holy Trinity.  St. Pius X made their shots today, returned serves and rallied well to earn them the championship.

St. Thomas More 6th Grade win CYO Volleyball Championship

Home Team: Valley Catholic

Coaches: Julie Campbell, Ashley Schaef, Molly Kuhner, Nisha Ekanathian

Players: Marie, Daisy, Anshu, Jaden, Milania, Vivienne, Vibha, Eliza

Mascot: The Valiants

Visiting Team: St. Thomas More

Coaches:  Ashlee Sharp, Bethany Kelly

Players: Presley, Isabel, Claire, Elodie, Caitlin, Mia, Shannon, Maren, Stelia, Zoe          

Mascot: Bulldogs

Game Highlights November 19, 2022

Match 1: St. Thomas More 25, Valley Catholic 19

Match 2: Valley Catholic 25, St. Thomas More 11

Vivian brought Valley Catholic from a 7-5 deficit with 5 points scored followed by Milania with another 5 and Jaden added another 2 before retiring the serve to St. Thomas More.  The scoring blitz gave Valley Catholic a 17 to 7 lead before they won the match 25 – 11.  

Match 3:

St. Thomas More opened the match with a 6-0 run to give the Bulldogs a strong lead.  Both teams had some exceptional rallies in the third match which made for a very exciting game.

CYO 3rd Grade Volleyball Battle to the End

Home Team: Fighting Dutch (St. Francis, Roy and Visitation, Verboort)

Coaches Sharon Bird, Tara Giannetti

Players: Emma, Emery, Lily, Charlotte, Lucy, Rose, Lyla, Lydia

Mascot: Fighting Dutch

Visitation and St. Francis “Fighting Dutch” take second place in the CYO Spike Tournament Finals at Valley Catholic High School in Beaverton November 19, 2022

Visiting Team: Valley Catholic

Coaches: Alicia Feb, Erika Rudishauser, Emily

Players: Lila, Sage, Cassandra, Allison, Karen, Katherine, Emily, Sshley, Grace, Lydia, Makena, Abigail, Alexis

Mascot: The Valiants

Valley Catholic Valiants win the 3rd Grade CYO Spike Championship November 19, 2022 at the Valley Catholic High School Gymnasium.

Game Highlights

Match 1: Fighting Dutch 25 – 21

Match 2: Valley Catholic 25 – 19

Match 3: Valley Catholic 15 – 11

Each team took a match to begin the game and the final match was hard fought to the end. Two very evenly matched teams with skilled third graders who we will likely see in top level volleyball contention in the future.

CYO 7th Grade Boys City BXB Championship Results

SUNDAY March 13, 2022



HOME TEAM: St. Andrew Nativity

COACH’S: Dominique Forrest

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Davon, Kanelo, Christopher, Nahceem, Von’ye, Samuel, Jehiel, Bennett, Elijah, Isaac

VISITING TEAM: St. Pius X “The Cougars”

COACH’S: Douglas Post, Kelly Grant, Loren Hotchkiss

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Sam, Conor, Nicolas, William, Michael, Elliott, Alex

Q1: St. Pius X came out to the early lead making some great shots while St. Andrew Nativity paid the price with some turnovers.  End of quarter 12 – 6 St. Pius X.

Q2: St. Pius added several three pointers during the course of the quarter.  St. Andrew struggled with missed shots and turnovers.  34 – 16 St. Pius X.

Q3: St. Andrew came out on fire scoring 7 points in 2 minutes, getting the rebounds on the other end and playing great defense.  St. Pius finally answered with a three point to bring the score to 39 – 23.  With 2 minutes left in the third quarter, St. Andrew had brought the score within 9 points at 30 – 39. End of third quarter score: St. Pius X 39 – St. Andrew Nativity 34.

Q4: The Game. A technical foul on St. Pius X followed by a technical foul on St. Andrew Nativity set the tone for the fourth quarter.  After the technical fouls were shot, the Panthers went into a stall game to maintain a five point lead 44 – 39.  St. Andrew Nativity answered with a foul fest which extended time and the final score St. Pius X 51 and St. Andrew Nativity 45.

CYO 7th Grade Girls City BXB Championship

SUNDAY March 13, 2022



HOME TEAM – Christ the King “The Lions”

COACH’S: T.R. Riehl

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Arsema, Elizabeth, Caroline, Cailyn, Keira, Ava, Ruby, Abby, Finley, Lucy, Alexis, Teresa

VISITING TEAM: Valley Catholic “The Valiants”

COACH’S: Zach Bromert, Frank McKeen

PLAYER FIRST NAMES: Claire, Hannah, Leah B., Meghan, Avery, Malia, Louisa,

Leah N., Grace, Stephanie, Natalie

Valley Catholic 7th grade girls win second place in the CYO City Basketball Championship March 13, 2022 at Valley Catholic School.

Q1: Tough defense on both teams, no scoring until second half of the first quarter.  Christ the King was scoreless until under two minutes in the first quarter. The teams ended the quarter Valley Catholic 4, Christ the King 3

Q2: With 3 minutes left in the half, Christ the King tied the game at 6 – 6.  Christ the King gained some momentum and outscored the Valiants 10 -6 to end the half.

Q3: Intense play by both teams with little penetration toward the hoop.  A lot of athleticism on both teams with great defense closing out most scoring attempts. The Lions capitalized on the Valiants endless turnovers. End of quarter Christ the King 15, Valley Catholic 10.

Q4: The Valiants had a momentum burst and brought the game within 3 points.  Turnovers vexed them throughout the game and end of game fouling sent the Lions to the charity line to add points.  Two very balanced teams the Lions were victorious today 22 – 14. FINAL