Annika Chu Acquires Top Finish for St. Pius X in CYO Cub Girls 400

The top eight finishers in the Cub Girls 400 Meter Run were separated by 6 seconds overall which evidenced a very close race among the girls for a 400 meter run.  Two seconds separated the top five runners which made this a very exciting race.  Congratulations to all of the girls! #sistersblog #cyocamphoward

  1. Annika Chu, St. Pius X, 1:05.43
  2. Nora Harroun, Valley Catholic, 1:06.29
  3. Campbell Deringer, Pacific Crest Academy, 1:06.53
  4. Claire Harroun, Valley Catholic, 1:07.13
  5. Catie Dice, St. Thomas More, 1:07.64
  6. Natalie Jack, Holy Trinity, 1:09.67
  7. Nina Stecher, Valley Catholic, 1:10.26
  8. Clare Roepel, St. John Fisher, 1:11.80

Annika Chu


Kaden Huppin Delivers Another Gold for St. Pius X in the Cub Boys 400 Meter Dash

A one minute 400 meter run is pretty good!  Kaden Huppin delivered such a performance in the Cub Boys 400 Meter Dash event at the CYO Meet of Champions May 21, 2017 at Jesuit High School.  Great job, Kaden!

  1. Kaden Huppin, St. Pius X, 1:00.42
  2. Luke Warner, Franciscan Montessori Earth School, 1:04.21
  3. Caleb Bello, Valley Catholic, 1:06.86
  4. Bradford Currier, Pacific Crest Academy, 1:07.76
  5. Aiden Nicholson, St. Joseph, Vancouver, 1:08.02
  6. Joshua Keizur, St. Matthew, 1:08.10
  7. Kenechi Nnoli, 1:09.31
  8. Landon Lagesen, St. Thomas More, 1:10.58

Kaden HuppinIMG_3602

CYO Roadrunner 800 Meter Run New Record Set by St. Anthony’s Juliana Peters

Seven seconds is a long time in a distance race and that is the time between Juliana Peters record setting finish and the rest of the field beginning to cross the finish line in the CYO Roadrunner 800 Meter Run at the Meet of Champions held at Jesuit High School May 20 & 21, 2017.  Juliana broke her own record set in 2016 with her finish in the race.  sistersblog# cyocamphoward#

  1. Juliana Peters, St. Anthony, 2:37.80
  2. Emma Bennett, St. Thomas More, 2:44.90
  3. Zarra Weasel, All Saints, 2:50.10
  4. Ridlee Derry, St. Anthony, 2:50.30
  5. Maya Crimin, Franciscan Montessori Earth School, 2:51.30
  6. Madeline Johnson, Pacific Crest Academy, 2:51.70
  7. Maura O’Scannlain, St. Thomas More, 2:52.20
  8. Evangeline Paulson, St. Pius X, 2:52.20Juliana PetersIMG_3129

CYO Cub Girls 800 Meter Run Champion Taegan Eatmon-Kelsey from St. Andrew Nativity School

Taegan Eatmon-Kelsey was seeded three seconds ahead of her closest competitor and after shaving 7 seconds off her best time this season, Taegan won by a 3 second margin to capture the 800 meter championship for St. Andrew Nativity School. sistersblog# cyocamphoward#

  1. Taegan Eatmon-Kelsey, St. Andrew Nativity School, 2:32.26
  2. Amalie Beil, St. Thomas More, 2:35.94
  3. Tess Nye, St. Thomas More, 2:36.15
  4. Alice Davidson, St. Pius X, 2:39.49
  5. Evelyn Guilfoyle, St. Anthony, 2:43.99
  6. Sara Hsu, Holy Family, 2:44.07
  7. Catie Dice, St. Thomas More, 2:44.66
  8. Ella McGillis, St. Thomas More, 2:45IMG_3089IMG_3086

CYO Cadet Girls 800 Grant Girls 1 and 2, St. John Fisher 1, 2 and 3

The headline says it all!  Molly and Paige Grant finished first and second to win the Cub girls 800 meter Run at the CYO Meet of Champions May 20 & 21 at Jesuit High School.  Less than a second separated both their seed times and their winning times.  The Grant girls finish their CYO career with the conclusion of the Meet of Champions and leave behind some great memories for those who watched them through the years.

  1. Molly Grant, St. John Fisher
  2. Paige Grant, St. John Fisher
  3. Morgan Petersen, St. John Fisher, 2:28.84
  4. Ava Stenstrom, St. Anthony, 2:31.26
  5. Zoe Quach, St. Pius X, 2:33.61
  6. Jalynn Gill, St. Matthew, 2:34.90
  7. Maddy Messer, Valley Catholic, 2:37.54
  8. Madeline Bowder, Holy Trinity, 2:38.60

Paige & Molly Grant 800IMG_3305

St. Thomas More’s Malcolm Grant Captures CYO Cub Boys 800 Meter Run

The CYO photo finish was called into play to determine the winner of the race which was differentiated by 62 hundredths of a second!  Malcolm Grant finished at 2:22.24 and Valley Catholic’s Mario Oblad in 2:22.86!  A great race that makes CYO Track and Field one of the great sports for spectators on a dry sunny Saturday afternoon in May!  Great job, boys!

  1. Malcolm Grant, St. Thomas More, 2:22.24
  2. Mario Oblad, Valley Catholic, 2:22.86
  3. Tristan Sullivan, Holy Trinity, 2:27.63
  4. Cade Collins, Holy Trinity, 2:32.27
  5. Caleb Bello, Valley Catholic, 2:32.75
  6. Nathaniel Gatchell, St. Pius X, 2:34.40
  7. Avery Cesar, St. Pius X, 2:34.46
  8. Cooper Whittington, Our Lady of the Lake, 2:35.39


Luke Horne, Holy Trinity, captures CYO Cadet Boys 800 Meter Title

Luke Horne and Andrew Zabudsky from St. Pius X needed the review of the photo finish to determine the winner of the 800 meter race with 20 hundredths of a second separating their finish in the race!  Horne has had some good successes with the distance races over the years. sistersblog# cyocamphoward#

  1. Luke Horne, Holy Trinity, 2:13.24
  2. Andrew Zabudsky, St. Pius X, 2:13.44
  3. Ryan Ensminger, Our Lady of the Lake, 2:15.65
  4. William Patricelli, Our Lady of the Lake, 2:16.36
  5. Jase Derry, St. Anthony, 2:16.75
  6. Jonajh Chang, St. Pius X, 2:17.49
  7. William Hall, St. Pius X, 2:17.83
  8. Jeffery Osborn, St. Anthony, 2:18.98

Luke Horne 1Luke Horne