Fastest Kids in CYO – Here They Are!

The 100 Meter Dash is the shortest, fastest race in the books.  The winners of this race are considered the quickest kids in the program.  Here are this year’s “Fastest Kids in CYO!”

Kiana Johnson (Cathedral) wins for the Roadrunner girls after posting the only mark in the 14 second category at 14.82.  The record for this event is 14.39 by Martha Cabrera (Holy Trinity) in 2005.  Kiana edged out Sadie Fletcher (St. Anthony) 15.04 and Lily Mae Buerkle (Madeleine) 15.29.  Johnson also won the 200 meter dash.

Chase Borden (St. John the Apostle) won the 100 for Roadrunner boys with a time of 14.08 with a close second by Joseph Stimpson (St. Pius X) 14.18 followed up by Kai Kopplin (St. Anthony) posting a time of 14.98.  Borden also won the 200 meter dash.

Selah Molden (Our Lady of the Lake) 13.73 edged out Valley Catholic’s Nina Stecher  13.85 in a close Cub division contest.  Molden came into the championships as the underdog behind Stecher who had posted a season best of 14.08 to Molden’s 14.33.  Both girls improved in the semi-finals and again in the finals to set personal bests for the year.  Hanna McAuliffe (St. Anthony) was third posting a time of 14.34.

Townsend Powell (St. Anthony) won the title for the Cub boys posting a time of 13.19 over Hugh Ruttledge’s (St. Clare) 13.76.  Grant Valley (Holy Trinity) rounded out the top 3 with a time of 13.81.  Powell came into the contest posting the best pre-season time of 13.58 and also won the 200.

Allyson Hammond, (Visitation) an 8th grader from the smallest Catholic School in the Greater Portland area which combines with the other smallest Catholic School in the Greater Portland area, Visitation School (Verboort) and St. Francis (Roy), for the second year in a row dominated the 100 meter dash for Cadet girls winning it with a very fast 13.03 over Sarah Rossetti (St. Matthew) 13.54 and Marissa Daniels (All Saints) 13.83.

Marcus Dillard (Christ the King) 11.87 and Austin Stampflee (St. Matthew) 11.93 continued the battle for speed with Marcus on top in the 100 (Stampflee won the 200).  Antony Ganz (St. Pius X) rounded out the top 3 with a time of 12.75.  Another fantastic race!

Below: Kiana Johnson, Chase Borden, Selah Molden, Townsend Powell, Allyson Hammond, Marcus Dillard.


Remember When we High Jumped into Sawdust?

Have you wondered why kids are jumping a lot higher these days than 50 years ago?  Remember when we didn’t have foam to jump in so we used the softest things we could find like sawdust, at our school!  I have heard others speak of straw bales and sand!  I was in the eighth grade when we got our first net bag filled with giant foam rectangles.  That was a real improvement!  What did YOU high jump onto?

Thank you Clayton Smith for your wonderful photography:


CYO Meet of Champions 400 Meter Dash Schuler adds Third Gold.

In the Roadrunner Division (3rd & 4th Grade), Liliana Kos from St. John Fisher nosed out 800 meter champ, Miranda Oblad (Valley Catholic) to claim the 400 meter dash championship with a time of 1:10.32.  Joseph Stimpson (St. Pius X) had a two second advantage crossing the finish line for the boys with a time of 1:07.51.

In the Cub division, Nina Stecher (Valley Catholic) shaved two seconds off her prelim time to finish with a 1:05.01 final claiming the gold. Ian Bello also collected a gold for St. Pius X in the event with a final time of 1:02.17

The Cadets found Naomi Alvarez from St. Thomas More in the driver seat with a final time of 1:00.79 edging out Natalie Fagen from West Hills Christian 1:01.52.  John Schuler added a third gold winning the 400 with a time of 54.43 just 2 seconds off the record and one second ahead of Enrico Ganz from St. Pius X.

Below: Liliana Kos, Joseph Stimpson, Nina Stecher, Ian Bello, Naomi Alvarez, John Schuler


CYO 200 Meter Dash Meet of Champions

Chase Borden from St. John the Apostle won the Roadrunner boys 200 meter dash with a time of 30.24 out pacing Jordan Dillard (Christ the King) and Griffin Nagy (St. Pius X)  at the CYO Meet of Champions.  In Roadrunner girls division, Kiana Johnson (Cathedral) turned in a time of 31.43 to edge out Lily Mae Buerkle (Madeleine) and Sadie Fletcher (St. Anthony)

In Cub action (5th & 6th grade), Nina Stecher (Valley Catholic) 400 meter champion and record holder, continued her run of golds as she captured the event in a time of 28.89 ahead of Simone Tillman (Madeleine) 29.42 and Hanna McAuliffe (St. Anthony) 29.60.  In Cub boys action, Townsend Powell (St. Anthony) with a time of 27.36 overcame Kenton Romano (Valley Catholic) 28.50 and Hugh Ruttledge (St. Clare) 28.58 to claim the championship event.

In the Cadet girls division (7th & 8th), Naomi Alvarez (St. Thomas More) came into the championships with a third place pre-season standing behind Allyson Hammond (St. Francis/Visitation) and Sarah Rossetti (St. Matthew).  Alvarez shaved over a second off her 200 meter time with a finals time of 27.57.  Her best preseason mark was 28.34.

In the Cadet boys division Austin Stampflee (St. Matthew) came in the underdog with a second place season standing 25.08 behind Marcus Dillard (Christ the King) 24.75.

Below: Chase Borden, Kiana Johnson, Nina Stecher, Townsend Powell, Naomi Alvarez, Austin Stampflee.


How HIGH Can You Jump? CYO Meet of Champions

The High Jump is one of my favorite events though I get to see very little of it from where I am perched in the awards stands during the weekend.  I have several favorite events including all of the field events and all of the races!  The records in the high jump do not fall very often.  One year, my nephew was graduating from college (2009) and I needed to go and be with him for the event which mean’t I would miss one day of the Meet of Champions.  I asked that the cadet boys high jump be moved to Sunday that year so I could be there to watch Marcus Yoo break it.  He did break it and it was wonderful to see!

High jump records include Cub girls 1999 by Kristen Zimmill (West Hills Christian jumping 4’10”.  Cub boys 2010 by Matthew Ferguson (St. Anthony) 5’2″.  Cadet Girls 1997 by Kate Paul (St. Cecilia) 5′ 2″ and Cadet boys 2009 by Marcus Yoo, Cathedral at 5′ 11″.

2018 Champions:

Cub Girls: Elizabeth Levick (St. Matthew) 4′ 5″

Cub Boys: Owen Smith (St. John the Apostle) 4’6″

Cadet Girls: Elliott Bush (Cathedral) 4′ 9″

Cadet Boys: Aiden Andrews (Christ the King) 5′ 4″

Below: Elizabeth Levick, Owen Smith, Elliott Bush, Aiden Andrews



The Long Jumpers CYO Meet of Champions

Roadrunner Girls: Kiana Johnson (Cathedral School) 13′ 8″.  Kiana broke her own Long Jump record set the week prior at the Roadrunner Regional Meet at La Salle College Prep. The old record was 13′ 5.75″.

Roadrunner Boys: Chase Borden (St. John the Apostle) 14′ 4.75″

Cub Girls: Selah Molden (Our Lady of the Lake) 15′ 3.25″.  Selah broke a record that stood for 25 years!!!  The old record was 15′ 3″ and was set by Heather Beem (St. Joseph, Vancouver, WA)

Cub Boys: Hugh Ruttledge (St. Clare) 15′ 1.5″

Cadet Girls: Jamie Griffin (Holy Trinity) 17′ 1.5″.  Jamie broke  a Twelve year old record set in 2006 by Kayla Greer (Madeleine) with a jump of 16’11.5″. (No Photo available)

Cadet Boys: Austin Stampflee (St. Matthew) 19′ 9.25″

Below: Kiana Johnson, Chase Borden, Selah Molden, Hugh Ruttledge, Austin Stampflee


The CYO “Shot Putters” Meet of Champions

Roadrunner Girls: Kahlan Anderson (Valley Catholic) 22′ 5.5″

Roadrunner Boys: Justin Craigwell (St. Pius X) 25′ 1″

Cub Girls: Gabriella Richardson (St. Anthony) 28′ 10″

Cub Boys: Townsend Powell (St. Anthony) 31′ 6″

Cadet Girls: Tabitha Johnson (West Hills Christian) 36′ 7.25″

Cadet Boys: Cade Martin (Christ the King) 40′ 1″

Below: Kahlan Anderson, Justin Craigwell, Gabriella Richardson, Townsend Powell, Tabitha Johnson, Cade Martin