CYO Roadrunner 800 Meter Run Record Set by Valley Catholic’s Ian Bello

Ian BelloIMG_3591

Ian Bello thrilled the crowd with his record setting performance at the CYO Meet of Champions at Jesuit High School May 20 & 21.  His new record time of 2:34.52 was 7 seconds faster than his best competitive time this year.

  1. Ian Bello, Valley Catholic, 2:34.52
  2. Theodore Lee, St. Ignatius, 2:36.78
  3. Aiden Donis, St. Matthew, 2:43.17
  4. Evan Risch, St. Thomas More, 2:45.48
  5. Rylan Gleason, Holy Trinity, 2:48.29
  6. Tyler Brown, Our Lady of the Lake, 2:48.87
  7. Peter Krigbaum, St. John the Apostle, 2:49.27
  8. Finlay Reid, Valley Catholic, 2:49.66

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