St. Clare vs Portland Christian for 5th Grade Girls CYO Volleyball Title…

November 18, 2017 – 5th Grade Girls Spike Volleyball Championships

Home Team: St. Clare (Navy)

Coach(s): Katherine Emerson, Tammy Olliver, Molly Schick

Player first names: Shannon, Charlotte, Sydney, Kate, Adeline, Francesca, Sofia, Mia, Anna, Riley, Rami, Gabriella

Visiting Team:  Portland Christian (Purple)

Coaches: Tara Crearer, Lisa Singleterry, Kimberly Unger

Players: Alyssa, Alison, Adrianne, Meredith, Paige, Addison, Emma, Melody, Isabelle


Set 1: 25- 23 St. Clare

Set 2: 25 – 20 Portland Christian

Set 3: 15 – 9 St. Clare

Game Highlights:  These two teams came out of regular season play with a very close scoring game with St. Clare having the edge.  Both teams showed remarkable skills in all aspects of the games given their grade level.  They are well down the path of some great volleyball.

FINAL: St. Clare 2 out of 3


BELOW: St. Clare 5th Grade CYO Volleyball Spike Champions 20172017 5th Girls VB 1st Place St. Clare

BELOW: Portland Christian 5th Grade CYO Volleyball Spike Championships 2nd Place 2017

2017 5th Girls VB 2nd Place Portland Christian


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