“Holy War” 6th Grade CYO Championship Volleyball Features Holy Family & Holy Trinity!

November 18, 2017 • 6th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Home Team: Holy Family (Red)

Coach(s): Allie Koleno, Katy Prewitt, Jeannie Swift, Leasa Wiebke

Player first names: Alejandra, Brooklyn, Kaitlin, Madison, Poppy, Kathleen, Haylina, Delainy

Visiting Team: Holy Trinity (Red)

Coaches: Lina Kwee-Nguyen & Anh Khoa Nguyen

Players: Alicia, Mikayla, Kendra, Leia, Adrienne, Ericka, Lauren, Mackenzie


Set 1: 25 – 23 Holy Family

Set 2: 25-16 Holy Trinity

Set 3:15-11 Holy Family

Game Highlights:

Set 1 tied 20 to 20 after 20 minutes of play, Holy Family won it by 2 in a very close contest.  Holy Trinity came back and won the second game in a thriller that put the match into a third set.  Both teams were warmed up when Holy Family came out with a 5point blitz.  Holy Trinity answered, tied the score 5-5 until Holy Family called a timeout at 6-5 HT. Holy Family’s Hallina, led another blitz with 6 unanswered points bringing the score to 12-8, Holy Family.  Though Holy Trinity fought tirelessly, they could not overcome Holy Family today in a third set that ended 15 – 11.  Great volleyball!

FINAL: Holy Family 2 out of 3

BELOW: Holy Family 2017 CYO Spike Volleyball Championship Team

2017 6th Girls VB 1st Place Holy Family

BELOW: Holy Trinity 2017 CYO Spike Volleyball Championships 2nd Place

2017 6th Girls VB 2nd Place Holy Trinity

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