7th Grade CYO Spike Championship All Saints vs St. Joseph’s

November 18, 2017 • 7th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Home Team: All Saints (Green)

Coach(s): Jody Just, Colleen Obryant

Player first names: Olivia, Ava, Logan, Shannon, Sarah, Molly, Alycia

Visiting Team: St. Joseph (Vancouver)(Red)

Coaches: Shari Eggleston, Becki Garrow, Ed Garrow

Players: Valerie, Drew, Jocelyn, Claire, Lauren, Natalie, Sophia, Kaitlyn, Ella, Emi, Harum


Set 1: 25 – 21 All Saints

Set 2: 25 – 14 All Saints

Game Highlights: An intense set between two powerhouse teams.  The first coming to a close saw All Saints with 21 and St. Joseph with 19 as #30 was injured at the net with a foot/ankle twist? The momentum shifted to All Saints as they closed the first set 25- 21.

The second set opened with a 6-0 blitz before coach Garrow called a timeout to re-group.  After 8 unanswered points, St. Joseph surged back into the game with 6 points of their own.  St. Joseph’s stalled at 14 points as All Saints racked up the balance for the win.

FINAL: All Saints in 2

BELOW: CYO Spike Volleyball Champions 2017 All Saints

2017 7th Girls VB 1st Place All Saints

Below: 2017 CYO Spike Volleyball Championships 2nd place – St. Joseph’s (Vancouver, WA)

2017 7th Girls VB 2nd Place St. Joseph

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