Cathedral CYO 8th Grade Champions 6 Year Sweep!

11-8-spike-cathedral-championsCathedral Coaches: Christian Buchholz & Megan Aguon.  Players: Alison, Cierra, Claire, Meaghan, Scout, Grace, Abigail & Ava.


St. Cecilia Coaches: Francis Brown, Hannah Brown, Kelly Larson, Mary Massey.  Players: Sydney, Emma, Grace, Mackenzie, Zoe, Emma, Grace, Emelia, Megan, Lauren.

Game Highlights:

St. Cecilia jumped out to a quick lead and Cathedral, five time defending CYO Championship team quickly tied it up at 8-8.  Cathedral began pouring it to St. Cecilia and a timeout was called at 20 – 10 Cathedral.  Not satisfied with a 10 point lead, Cathedral let St. Cecilia back into the game closing in at 18 – 24 Cathedral. A missed spike by St. Cecilia went out of bounds giving Cathedral the first game 25 – 18.

Game 2 Cathedral started strong and never let St. Cecilia back into the game.  The game however was fantastic volleyball played by two teams filled with players who have developed skills to a very high level.  We will see many of them on high school teams next year without a doubt.  Congratulations to the CYO coaches who have worked with the girls over the years to develop them to this level.  A wonderful game to watch! Cathedral 25 – 16.

CYO 7th Grade Girls – St. Joseph Takes it in Two

9-7-spike-st-joseph-championsSt. Joseph, Vancouver, WA Coaches: Casey Moltrum & Eileen Stemple.  Players: Alyssa, Caroline, Sydney, Rylie, Tyra, Lauren, Renee, Bridget, and Taylor.


Cathedral Portland, OR. Coaches: Fergie Bush, Tully Bush and Patrick Ryan.  Players: Maisie, Nathalie, Chloe, Harper, Elliott, Alli, Madeleine, Avery, Lily and Maggie.

Game Highlights:

St. Joseph jumped to an early lead in game one and and did not look back, winning the game by 18 points.  Cathedral got on the stick in game 2 and reminded St. Joseph’s they had history at the CYO Championship tournament with an early 8-4 lead.  St. Joseph’s not willing to lay down and take it, fought back every inch of the way to a 15 – 15 tie.  Cathedral went ahead by three and St. Joseph tied it up at 22.  St. Joseph had Cathedral on the ropes at 24 – 23 with the serve. Lauren Stemple served the final ball and scored for St. Joseph and the CYO Championship.  A great game by both teams.

Both teams have high school varsity potential and we will see them playing for local high schools in the future for sure.

6th Grade CYO Volleyball Championship All Saints vs St. Joseph

7-6-spike-all-saints-championsAll Saints Coaches: Mitzi MacCallum, Colleen Obryant.  Team: Chloe, Sofia, Ava, Logan, Shannon, Charlotte, Maggie, Sarah and Molly.8-6-spike-st-joseph-secondSt. Joseph (Vancouver) Coaches: Becki Garrow, Ed Garrow.  Team: Drew, Jocelyn, Claire, Lauren, Katie, Sophia, Kaitlyn, Ella and Kassidy.

Game Highlights:Sixth grade volleyball is made more enjoyable to watch by the mere fact the girls have grown tall enough to spike and their skills have been developed to a point that they are doing a great job controlling the ball.  Spectators get into the game and it is a louder, more exciting age group to watch.

St. Joseph came back in game two and outscored All Saints 25 – 13.  Great serving by St. Joseph’s.

Game 3 – Al Saints came out with 2 point lead, gave up the ball and St. Joseph tied at 2-2.  A battle ensued with the score going back and forth tied at 10-10.  All Saints started to pull ahead at 13-10 when the St. Joseph team called time out.  All Saints came back and scored two more to take the tournament title 15 – 11.  It was a great game by both teams and a lot of fun to watch.

St. Clare Takes CYO 4th Grade Volleyball Championship

3-4-spike-champions-st-clareSt. Clare Coaches: Theresa Dreves, Tammy Ollivier.  Players: Keara, Shannon, Charlotte, Sydney, Kate, Adeline, Francesca, Sofia, Mia, Anna, Rami, Gabriella.

4-4-spike-2nd-holy-trinityHoly Trinity Coaches: Lisa Knutson, Lisa Sagapolu.  Players: Kiana, Phynix, Ashley, Kira, Phoebe, Mya, Ayla, Kylie, Lorelei

If you have ever watched much developmental volleyball, you will know the games at the lower grades are pretty much dictated by the ability to serve.  This match was no different, however, the girls kept the games  exciting for spectators.  St. Clare took the first game 25 – 23 in a very close contest.

The second game was also exciting with a lot of back and forth bumping,  But St. Clare came out to an early lead and kept it going until they were ahead 20 – 10.  Holy Trinity rallied to 13-20 then 15 – 22.  Holy Trinity kept coming back.  Both teams were a little tense at the end of the second game which also became a factor.  St. Clare took it in the end 25 – 21 in a great fourth grade match.

Both teams will be fun to watch in the coming years.


Holy Trinity 3rd Graders 2016 CYO Volleyball Champs

The Holy Trinity third grade girls were crowned 2016 CYO Champions for volleyball this year in a unique season ending game.  The Madeleine School who should have played in the contest against Holy Trinity was unable to field a team.  Several CYO Staff members stepped forward to take on the third grade team.  In a close game, 25 – 19, the Holy Trinity Titans prevailed winning the end of season tournament!  Congratulations girls!


COACHES: Vicky Ginter, Tara Cenova. Team Members: Angela, Kennedy, Cailyn, Shelby, Ava, Sidney, Scarlett, Elizabeth & Sofia.

CYO “Spike” Championship Volleyball Results

November 21, 2015

CYO Volleyball “Spike” Championship Final Results


There was an excellent assortment of of CYO Clubs represented in the finals of the 2015 Spike Volleyball Tournament Saturday November 21 as CYO concluded the weeklong tournament. Excitement radiated from all three courts at Valley Catholic School where the higher-level bracket finals were held while all around the City tournament various levels of games concluded. The “Spike” is considered the top level of play while “Rally”, “Ace”, “Gold” and “Silver” also come into play for descending levels of bracket play. All 1300 volleyball players have a place to participate in this season ending tournament.

Jenna Bass, CYO Director of Volleyball and Basketball along with her co-team members from the Portland CYO office, oversaw and presented awards, helped people with bracket questions and answered questions through out the day.


Jenna Bass (CYO) and Kelly Alfieri (Valley Catholic CYO) work together to oversee the CYO Spike Volleyball Tournament Championship Finals


The Spike Tournament started off with third graders from Portland Christian defeating St. Joseph, Vancouver, in a delightful contest that was mainly about serving. The girls did however, have a few good rallies and they were fun to watch in their matching socks and hair ribbons!


The Portland Christian Third Grade Girls place first in the 2015 CYO Championship Volleyball Tournament “The Spike”


St. Joseph (Vancouver, WA) Third Grade Girls place second in the 2015 CYO Championship Volleyball Tournament “The Spike”

The fourth graders found Valley Catholic pitted against St. Matthew for the championship. St. Matthew, a new team to volleyball as they had not played third grade, selected the lower level of play to start out in. They handily defeated most all of their competitors and found themselves seeded into the top division tournament after the play in games. Valley Catholic played at the upper level of play all season and made it a competitive contest,though losing 22 – 25 and 21-25.


St. Matthew (Hillsboro) Fourth Grade Girls place first in the 2015 CYO Championship Volleyball Tournament “The Spike”


The Valley Catholic (Beaverton) Fourth Grade Girls place second in the 2015 CYO Championship Volleyball Tournament “The Spike”

Fifth grade action found All Saints and St. Ignatius battling it out and that they did with a contest going to three games with the second game going into overtime with All Saints winning 30 – 28. St. Ignatius, who had not won a contest all season against All Saints took the first game 25 – 22. They lead the second game all the way to the end but could not put All Saints away. All Saints scrapped and battled and would not be denied! After they took the second game the momentum shifted and St. Ignatius could not get back into the game. All Saints took the third game 15 – 11. It was definitely one of the “games of the day” which in my opinion is pretty good for fifth graders!


The All Saints (Portland) Fifth Grade Girls place first in the 2015 CYO Championship Volleyball Tournament “The Spike”


The St. Ignatius (Portland) Fifth Grade Girls place second in the 2015 CYO Championship Volleyball Tournament “The Spike”

The Sixth grade contest between St. Joseph and Cathedral was also very exciting and St. Joseph found their victory at this level. Tyra Schaub #32 was an all around power player for St. Joseph who made the difference at all levels. Cathedral played a very strong game coached by multi champion Fergie Bush but her team did not have the horsepower to stop St. Joseph today. Cathedral, to their credit, kept the game very competitive.


The St. Joseph (Vancouver, WA) Sixth Grade Girls place first in the 2015 CYO Championship Volleyball Tournament “The Spike” with Cathedral School coming in Second.

In seventh grade play, Cathedral and St. Thomas More played two close contests 25 – 18 and 25 – 23 where St. Thomas More kept the games close all the way from beginning to end.


The Cathedral (Portland) Seventh Grade Girls place first in the 2015 CYO Championship Volleyball Tournament “The Spike”


The St. Thomas More (Portland) Seventh Grade Girls place second in the 2015 CYO Championship Volleyball Tournament “The Spike”

The final contest of the day, the eighth grade, saw St. Agatha against St. John Fisher. Two teams filled with great players for sure. St. Agatha, a multi-repeat participant at the championship level knew “what, where and when!” Saint Agatha won the contest 25–11 and 25–15.


The St. Agatha (Portland) Eighth Grade Girls place first in the 2015 CYO Championship Volleyball Tournament “The Spike”

CYO 2014 THE SPIKE 7th Grade Girls Championship…Lose round 1 win rounds 2 & 3

St. Cecilia – 7th Grade Girls

Head Coach: Heather Gentry, Assistant Coach: Scott Szulczewski

Team Members: Isabelle, Haley, Kristi, Molly, Malee, Zoey, Amber & Lola

It was a hard-fought battle all the way to the end of the game as St. Cecilia lost the first set and came back to win the second and third!

St. Cecilia 7th Grade Girls win CYO Championship 2014

St. Cecilia 7th Grade Girls win CYO Championship 2014