CYO 4th Grade Volleyball Spike Championships Valley Catholic vs St. Clare

November 18, 2017 • 4th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Home Team: Valley Catholic (Royal Blue)

Coach(s): Trinity Baumgartner, Julie Campbell, Karen Kustritz

Player first names: Mehneka, Ansha, Ella, Iman, Julianne, Sahana, Isabelle, Zola


Visiting Team: St. Clare (Red)

Coaches: Jessica Falken, Kristin Jondahl, Frank O’Mahony

Players: Sara, Sophia, Grace, Hadley, Addison, Sloan, Emily, Reese, Susie


Set 1: 25-15 Valley Catholic

Set 2: 25 -9 Valley Catholic

Game Highlights: Two well coached teams with lots of very good rally action between them.  The skills learned in third grade have been kicked up a huge notch this year for both teams!   Some incredible ball control & saves on Valley Catholic team made the difference.

FINAL: Valley Catholic in two

BELOW: Valley Catholic 4th Grade CYO Volleyball Spike Champions!

4 Girls 1st Valley Catholic

Below: St. Clare 4th Grade CYO Spike Volleyball 2nd place!

4 girls 2nd St. Agatha

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