CYO Third Grade Volleyballers Duke it Out! Valley Catholic vs St. Agatha

November 18, 2017 CYO Volleyball Championship Finals

Third Grade Grade Girls Spike Championships

Valley Catholic (Royal Blue)

Coach: Angie Arellano (H), Lisa Marie Hunt

Adriana, Hannah, Isabella, Cameron, Jaya, Grace, Elizabeth & Tessa

St. Agatha (Red

Coaches: Pualine Irwin Kylie Salbeck, Jill Solazzo

Sydney, Charlotte, Samantha, Reena, Ella, Isla, Sofie, Addison, Ellen, Alexandra

Set 1: VC 25 – St. Agatha 20

Set 2: VC 25 – St. Agatha 14

Game Highlights:  Some great rally’s for 3rd grade volleyball! Generally it is a serve fest with most balls over the net wins… but this was a treat!  Great job to both teams!

Below: Valley Catholic Third Grade Girls First Place CYO Spike Championship3 Girls Valley Catholic 1st

Below: St. Agatha Third Grade Girls Second Place CYO Spike Championship3 Girls St. Agatha 2nd

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