CYO 8th Grade Girls Spike Volleyball Championship St. Joseph vs Cathedral

November 18, 2017 • 8th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Home Team: St. Joseph’s (Vancouver, WA) (Red)

Coaches: Bart Hansen, Casey Moltrum, Eileen Stemple

Players: Alyssa, Caroline, Alexandra, Sydney, Alana, Tyra, Lauren, Renee, Bridget

 Visiting Team: Cathedral (Navy)

Coach(s): Megan Aguon, Fergie Bush

Player first names:Maisie, Nathalie, Chloe, Harper, Elliott, Alli, Madeleine, Avery, Lily, Maggie


Set 1: St. Joseph 25 Cathedral 10

Set 2: St. Joseph 25  Cathedral 15

Set 3:

Game Highlights: The level of play at 8th grade is incredibly good with the teams showing off some incredible developed skills and talent.  The power, finesse and technique of each individual girl comes together to form a wonderful team effort.  The rally’s at this level are exceptionally fun to watch.  We will see several of these girls on high school teams next year.

FINAL: St. Joseph, Vancouver in two.

Below: 2017 CYO Spike Volleyball Champions, 8th Grade Girls, St. Joseph, Vancouver, WA

2017 8th Girls VB 1st Place St. Joseph

Below: 2017 CYO Spike Volleyball Championships 8th grade girls 2nd place Cathedral

2017 8th Girls VB 2nd Place Cathedral

CYO Third Grade Volleyballers Duke it Out! Valley Catholic vs St. Agatha

November 18, 2017 CYO Volleyball Championship Finals

Third Grade Grade Girls Spike Championships

Valley Catholic (Royal Blue)

Coach: Angie Arellano (H), Lisa Marie Hunt

Adriana, Hannah, Isabella, Cameron, Jaya, Grace, Elizabeth & Tessa

St. Agatha (Red

Coaches: Pualine Irwin Kylie Salbeck, Jill Solazzo

Sydney, Charlotte, Samantha, Reena, Ella, Isla, Sofie, Addison, Ellen, Alexandra

Set 1: VC 25 – St. Agatha 20

Set 2: VC 25 – St. Agatha 14

Game Highlights:  Some great rally’s for 3rd grade volleyball! Generally it is a serve fest with most balls over the net wins… but this was a treat!  Great job to both teams!

Below: Valley Catholic Third Grade Girls First Place CYO Spike Championship3 Girls Valley Catholic 1st

Below: St. Agatha Third Grade Girls Second Place CYO Spike Championship3 Girls St. Agatha 2nd