Images of Camp Howard


The Gorge Fire of 2017 will be remembered for many years into the future.  Camp Howard was affected with loss of rentals, a halt to the end of season work detail and a fear that the fire would make it’s way up the Bull Run toward the camp.  A thick hazy smoke engulfed the camp and the smell of burnt wood permeated the air.

BELOW: Heavy sprinkling of water around the dining hall with the big gun sprinkler settles the dust and cools the trees.


The big gun sprinkler doubles as a first line of defense in the event of a fire at camp.  The hose and nozzle accompany the sprinkling unit.IMG_6471

Property Director, Karen von Borstel waters Camp Howard Road then back to water the rhododendrons.


Smoke lingers throughout the camp.


The hills beyond the Bull Run River are generally a crisp green blanket.  The smoke masks the view entirely.


The trail between Gimpl Dining Hall and Sparpole unit gives evidence of the lingering smoke around the camp.


2 thoughts on “Images of Camp Howard

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  2. Thank you for the update.

    NCCW praying for fires and hurricanes.

    Sr. Michael Francine, Ssmo Sent from my iPhone


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