“TIMBER!” This you Have to See!


This summer (2017) trees were removed from the footprint of the site for the new “Mary’s Lodge” at Camp Howard, the new dining hall for the camp.  Drone Camp was also going on and Mark Lee had a drone in position to capture this wonderful topographical view of a tree coming down.  Enjoy.  Bet you can’t watch it just once! #sistersblog, #cyocamphoward

Corcl Memories From Camp Howard!

This is what the “little kids” got to do at Camp Howard for one of their many activities this summer.  It was all captured by “Drone Campers” under the direction of Drone Pilot, Mark Lee also known as the Director of CYO Swimming and Track & Field!  Great job, Mark! #cyocamphoward, #sistersblog

“Read All About It”

A 12 page insert into the Catholic Sentinel was featured this past weekend All About CYO and Camp Howard! I hope you take time and read about our new Camp Dining Hall which has been named “Mary’s Lodge at Camp Howard”.  It is the center of the paper.  Let me know what you think. Link:


Our Champions of Faith Dinner is this coming Tuesday night at the Oregon Convention Center.  We can still seat you and accept tables.  It will be a LOT OF FUN and we have some great videos to show.

Champions of Faith is the one time per year that CYO/Camp Howard asks for money to help us further the cause and transform the organization.  It’s all about the kids!  Our auditor, Gary McGee & Company, shares with the board each year that we have put 100% of the donations toward our programs.

Thanks to YOUR generosity, a LOT of kids have gone to camp (approximately 200 last summer) and have participated in sports who otherwise would not have.  Help us continue to Make Great Memories for Kids by making an annual donation to CYO/Camp Howard. Thank You!

#cyocamphoward, #sistersblog

Champions of Faith Testimonial with Aaron Hazel

Aaron Hazel has been a friend to CYO over the past several years.  We are grateful to Aaron for attending CYO events, and his general supportive nature.  Aaron understands that the important thing about CYO is participation and having the opportunity.  We are grateful to Aaron for taking the time to help us out with a testimonial.

An Artist at Work – Cheyenne Cunning

Cheyenne Cunning, you may know her as the “Camp Store Lady” as she has operated the Camp Store the past three years and grown up doing various jobs at the camp.  She has always had an artistic knack, actually a very talented artist.  I asked her to bring the Camp Howard sign back to life after about 6 years of weather wear and abuse.  She took on the project and made it happen just in time to beat the rains!  Thank you so much, Cheyenne, for the great job you did on the sign!  It is a very beautiful welcome to the camp again!

IMG_6684 2IMG_6687IMG_6700IMG_6708IMG_6712IMG_6719IMG_6783IMG_6786


Incredible Work Party of 2017 “Great Job”

CYO/Camp Howard would like to thank the members of the 2017 work party for the incredible job you did on 21 buildings after camp this year!  That is a record accomplishment!  All of the cabins in Fircrest and Greenwood Units, the Main Showerhouse, Camp Store, Camp Office, St. Martha and St. Mary and the Property Directors House!

Anna McLean, Anna O’Boyle, Emma Wycoff, Paige Ally, Latice Brown, John Lance, Anthony Ciota, Silas Warner, Gabe Klinger, Emily Cochran, Leila Blakely and Shawna King, were the summer staff “after camp” helpers!  Camp Director, Nora Gravengaard, Leila Blakely, Shawna King and Karen von Borstel came together to finish up after the smoke from the fires ended the work parties this year.  Special thanks to them as well!

You can all be proud of the work you did to help sustain the life of these buildings as they are all 1953 era “original” buildings and you helped breath new life into them!  they look “GREAT!”  Thank you for staying on to do this work.  We are all grateful to you!

Below: Camp Store


Below: Main showerhouse


Below: 1 of 12 similar cabins from Greenwood and Fircrest Units.



Champions of Faith on Mater Dei Radio

Lisa Sanders, CYO/Camp Howard Development Director, George Weivoda, Co Chair of the 2017 Champions of Faith Benefit Dinner, Dina Marie, Host of the Mater Dei Radio Morning Show and Sr. Krista talk about the upcoming event.

You can listen here!


George Weivoda – Co Chair of the Champions of Faith 2017 event


Lisa Sanders, CYO/Camp Howard Development Director


Dina Marie Hale, Host of the Mater Dei “In Person” Show