Camp Howard and the Columbia Gorge Fire


I know many of you are wondering about Camp Howard and how we are faring in light of the fire in the Columbia River Gorge.  Thank you for your care and concern.  It means a great deal to us and we realize the camp is a treasure of the children and those who have been campers and staff in the past!

The fire is burning further North of Camp Howard and we have fortunately not been in the path as of yet.  The direction and power of the wind is the big factor in where the fire goes.  We have put together a contingency plan in the event we needed to evacuate the camp.  As you can imagine it would involve removing all of our vehicles and as much of our camp supplies as possible.

            You may be interested to know that in 2011, the Oregon Dept. of Forestry offered to remove the flammable material under the trees and create a 100’ defensible corridor above the Bull Run on camp property.  We accepted their invitation and they worked on it for four years to create this space.  We have worked to maintain this area over the past several years.  We have also created green spaces around our buildings to help in the defense of fire.  Additionally, we have set up a fire line through the camp that allows us to hook a large water gun for watering vast areas.  God willing, these measures might pay off!  We will prepare for the worst and pray for the best!

Please pray for our year around camp staff as some have evacuated from the Corbett area where they live.

I have attached a map for you to see the location of Camp Howard in regard to the Columbia River and the Gorge.  You can see we are South of the fire area at this point and the fire has been burning West from Cascade Locks.  East Corbett and Springdale have evacuated.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.11.22 AM

      Again, we greatly appreciate your outpouring of concern around the camp.  It is heartening to say the least!  Follow my blog to stay posted with what is going on at Camp Howard.

The entire CYO/Camp Howard Staff and I thank you for your prayers!  We will keep you posted.

Sr. Krista

4 thoughts on “Camp Howard and the Columbia Gorge Fire

  1. If any help is needed please don’t hesitate to call… we love Camp Howard , you, and everyone that makes the manic happen at Camp Howard.. prayers are being said!

    Much love,
    Juli and Jacob Waterman


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