Football Back to the Basics!



Above: CYO Football and Cheer Director, Scott Kneefel shows off the uniform for 3/4 flag football.

In 1999 CYO brought back the Football program with tackle for 5th through 8th grade.  The next year we added 3rd and 4th grade and dressed them in full uniform but played flag. We had no idea how cutting edge we were at the time.  We played this way for about 12 years until a few Dads demanded we change 3rd and 4th grade to tackle football.  We took a survey and found that most people wanted it to be tackle.  Biggest mistake we made in football – we changed to tackle.  The most aggressive Dads who wanted it to move to tackle couldn’t field teams because after all, Moms are in charge of who plays football in the family at that age!

With the culture shift in football over the years, CYO has made a lot of adjustments including moving away from our old “region” model and joining the PYFL football league.  Given the evidence of appropriate play for 3rd and 4th graders, CYO and the PYFL has moved back to CYO’s original model of Full uniform flag football!


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