CYO Roadrunner London Wishman Gets It Done for St. Matthew in the 200 Meter Dash


Roadrunner (Grades 3&4), London Wishman secured two gold medals for St. Matthew at the CYO Meet of Champions May 20 & 21 with her first gold coming in the 400-meter dash earlier.  Congratulations to all of the top finishers listed below in the 200!  #sistersblog #cyocamphoward

  1. London Wishman, St. Matthew, 31.14
  2. Lily Zurasky, Our Lady of the Lake, 32.43
  3. Camille Yutzie, St. Anthony, 32.58
  4. Katherine Oleary, Madeleine, 32.67
  5. Sophia Gradwahl, Christ the King, 32.70
  6. Abigail Katsuda, St. Anthony, 33.21
  7. Isabella Gubrud, West Hills Christian, 33.29
  8. Braxtyn Ellsworth, St. Matthew, 33.67


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