CYO Cub Nina Stecher Obtains a Championship for Valley Catholic in the 200 Meter Dash

Nina Stecher blasted into the stoplight last year when she broke a record in the 400 meter dash.  this year she delivered gold in the 200 meter dash.  A very versatile young athlete, Nina will be fun to watch in the coming years.


  1. Nina Stecher, Valley Catholic, 29.48
  2. Campbell Deringer, Pacific Crest Academy, 29.71
  3. Nora Harroun, Valley Catholic, 29.71
  4. Sophia Hardy, Christ the King, 30.08
  5. Claire Harroun, Valley Catholic, 30.38
  6. Hope Sylvester, St. Matthew, 30.43
  7. Mercedes Prats, Our Lady of the Lake, 30.51
  8. Kaitlyn Jensen, St. Pius X, 30.87


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