Molly Grant Manages Another Gold for St. John Fisher in the 400 Meter Dash

Note the chart at the end of the times to get a sense of what these times might mean to a woman.  Nice job to the entire field of girls for some very good times! #sistersblog #cyocamphoward

  1. Molly Grant, St. John Fisher, 58.64
  2. Lillian Janasik, St. Pius X, 1:01.61
  3. Naomi Alvarez, St. Thomas More, 1:02.85
  4. Natalie Fagen, West Hills Christian, 1:04.00
  5. Vesna Kesic, St. Matthew, 1:04.48
  6. Kenzie Miller, Our Lady of the Lake, 1:05.80
  7. Melena Vaderperren, St. Clare, 1:05.84
  8. Olivia Silenzi, Valley Catholic, 1:07.48

Here are some 400 times and their rough level of performance for women (men are about 10% faster):

47s – world record
49s – potential Olympic champion
50s – potential Olympic finalist
51s – potential NCAA champion
52-53s – potential high school national champion
54-56s – potential high school state champion
57-60s – fastest girl on a typical “good” high school team
61 – 64s – varsity girl  on a “good” high school team
65 – 68s – varsity girl on a typical high school team, very good jv girl
69 – 72s – good jv girl, fast athletic non-runners
73 – 77s – typical jv girl, athletic non-runner
77 – 85s – beginner, weekend warrior
85s+ – non-athletes, young or elderly runners

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