CYO Cub Girls 800 Meter Run Champion Taegan Eatmon-Kelsey from St. Andrew Nativity School

Taegan Eatmon-Kelsey was seeded three seconds ahead of her closest competitor and after shaving 7 seconds off her best time this season, Taegan won by a 3 second margin to capture the 800 meter championship for St. Andrew Nativity School. sistersblog# cyocamphoward#

  1. Taegan Eatmon-Kelsey, St. Andrew Nativity School, 2:32.26
  2. Amalie Beil, St. Thomas More, 2:35.94
  3. Tess Nye, St. Thomas More, 2:36.15
  4. Alice Davidson, St. Pius X, 2:39.49
  5. Evelyn Guilfoyle, St. Anthony, 2:43.99
  6. Sara Hsu, Holy Family, 2:44.07
  7. Catie Dice, St. Thomas More, 2:44.66
  8. Ella McGillis, St. Thomas More, 2:45IMG_3089IMG_3086

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