CYO Cadet Girls 800 Grant Girls 1 and 2, St. John Fisher 1, 2 and 3

The headline says it all!  Molly and Paige Grant finished first and second to win the Cub girls 800 meter Run at the CYO Meet of Champions May 20 & 21 at Jesuit High School.  Less than a second separated both their seed times and their winning times.  The Grant girls finish their CYO career with the conclusion of the Meet of Champions and leave behind some great memories for those who watched them through the years.

  1. Molly Grant, St. John Fisher
  2. Paige Grant, St. John Fisher
  3. Morgan Petersen, St. John Fisher, 2:28.84
  4. Ava Stenstrom, St. Anthony, 2:31.26
  5. Zoe Quach, St. Pius X, 2:33.61
  6. Jalynn Gill, St. Matthew, 2:34.90
  7. Maddy Messer, Valley Catholic, 2:37.54
  8. Madeline Bowder, Holy Trinity, 2:38.60

Paige & Molly Grant 800IMG_3305

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