CYO 5th Boys BXB City Champs St. Pius X

March 3, 2019

CYO City Basketball Championships

Home Team: St. Anthony

Coach(s): Raymund Baluyut, Michael Shan

Player first names: Braden, Jaxson, London, Xavier, Kyle, Nate, Brendan, Turner, Adam

Visiting Team: St. Pius X

Coaches: Justin Williams, Steven Dasilva

Players: Justin, Jacob, Justin, Lucas, Jason, Aaron, Harper, Joe, Luke


Q1: 7-10 St. Pius X

Q2: 13 – 19 St. Pius X

Q3: 18 – 28 St. Pius X

Q4: 41 – 22 St. Pius X

Game Highlights:

A great game between the two clubs made for a very enjoyable 5thgrade boys championship.

FINAL: 41 – 22 St. Pius X

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