Holy Trinity Girls win 8th Grade Girls CYO Spike Championship

November 16, 2019

8th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Home Team: Holy Trinity (red)

Coach(s): Anh Khoa Nguyen, Zoe Nguyen,

Player first names: Chloe, Ericka, Kendra, Lauren, Lauryn, Mackenzie, Mikayla, Contreras, Taylor, Thanyi

Visiting Team: St. Matthew, Navy

Coaches: Lacey Puncochar, Marisol Levick

Players: Aspen, Elisabeth, Gillian, Jaydn, Macie, Mia, Sophia

St. Clare Girls Win CYO 7th Grade Spike Championship

November 16, 2019

7th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Home Team: Valley Catholic (Royal Blue)

Coach(s):Ferit Kivanc, Tonya Rogers

Player first names: Addison, Amelia, Soe, Melis, Tanya, Peyton, Gabby, Megan, Isabel

Visiting Team: St. Clare

Coaches: Stephen Hunt, Tamara Ollivier, Theresa Dreves

Players: Anna, Charlotte, Francesca, Gabby, Kate, Mia, Rami, Riley, Shannon, Sofia, Sydney


Set 1: VC 25 – 21

Set 2: SClare 25 – 14

Set 3: S Clare 15 – 9

All Saints Girls CYO 2019 Spike Champions 6th Grade

November 16, 2019

6th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Home Team: Valley Catholic (royal blue and white)

Coach(s): Julie Campbell, Brittany Hjelte, Karen Kustritz, Trinity Baumgartner

Player first names: Ansha, Ella, Iman, Isabelle, Julianne, Mehneka, Sahana, Samiksha, Sofia, Zola

Visiting Team: All Saints

Coaches: Jennifer Malen, Bradley Kincaid

Players: Anna, Capri, Faye, Grace, Grady, Hannah, Michaela, Milly, Quinn, Reese, Scarlett, Sophia

St. Clare Girls win CYO Spike 5th Grade Championship

November 16, 2019

5th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Home Team: Holy Trinity Red & Black

Coach(s): Maura O’Leary, Becki Shelly, Cristina Tassi, Elizabeth Flumo

Player first names: Lexi, Ashlyn, Ella, Hope, Bella, Jina, Liela, Malena, Olive, Preethi, Simone, Tanyi, ViAnna

Visiting Team: St. Clare Blue and White

Coaches: Molly Schick, Dan Joyce

Players: Elliot, Emery, Emily, Finley, Hazel, Jenny, Kai, Logan, Mae, Maeve

All Saints Girls Win CYO 4th Grade Spike 2019

November 16, 2019

4th Grade Girls Spike Championships

Valley Catholic High School Gym

Home Team: Holy Trinity (Red and Black)

Coach(s):Tara Cenova, Britt Entizne, Fredrick Entizne

Player first names: Amira, Bianca, Hadley, Jordana, Jose, Katie, Maya, Natalie, Skylar

Visiting Team: All Saints

Coaches: Colleen O’Bryant, Jill Wellnitz

Players: Beta, Chloek Della, Grace, Grace, Harper, Harper, Karsen, Katherine, Nico


Set 1: 25 – 12 HT

Set 2: 24 – 26 AS

Set 3: 11-15 AS

2019 CYO Volleyball Championships Results 3rd Grade Girls

St. John Fisher (Portland) 3rd Grade Girls Volleyball team win the 2019 CYO Spike Championship in 2 sets over All Saints School (Portland)

Home Team: St. John Fisher (Black and Red)

Coach(s): Lynn Montang, Erin Cutlip

Player first names: Corinne, Ella, Greta, Kay, Maddie, Malia, Reese, Ruby

Visiting Team: All Saints (Green and White)

Coaches: Jennifer Malen, Jody Just, Amber Harper

Players: Ava, Ava, Emi, Giulia, Lauren, Lyla, Margaret, Riana, Ruby, Savanna, Zoe

Camp Howard on KGW upcoming!

Nina Mehlhaf, Anchor, KGW News at Sunrise, joined some of the staff at CYO/Camp Howard for a reminiscent trip back to Camp Howard where she experienced a summer of camp.  Nina was able to experience the new Howling Howard zipline in addition to a full tour of the camp and lunch in the new dining hall.  The segment will be aired on Tuesday June 18th at 5:45 and and 6:45 am.  They will be the same version of the story, so you won’t miss anything if you just tune into one of them.  Then the video will go on the KGW website kgw.com with a full text of the story and links to the website to register for summer camp, etc.  Be sure to check it out one way or the other!

Galen Rupp on Mater Dei Radio April 30 @7:10am

October 15 Champions of Faith Benefit Dinner. WOW! I was so impressed with Galen’s strong faith, character and commitment. It was fascinating to hear about his personal journey and I am proud of the role CYO had in his formation.

I encourage you to tune into Mater Dei on April 30 at approximately 7:10 am to hear Galen’s radio interview. You will be inspired to hear his message, and, I pray, motivated to attend our dinner. Come and join Galen and our amazing CYO and Camp Howard supporters and me☺ for a night of faith, inspiration and fun. By attending, you can give every child an opportunity to grow and experience the power of living life through Christian principles. I appreciate your confidence in the work we do at CYO and Camp Howard!  

Visit our website to view Galen’s personal invitation and for more information or to register for our 9th Annual Champions of Faith Benefit Dinner.

Photo includes Tim and Gina O’Neill, our dinner chairs, Galen Rupp, and me!

Why Making Friends Is One of the Most Important Things That Happens at Summer Camp|American Camping Association


Join us this summer at Camp Howard for a week of making friends, experiencing the great outdoors and fantastic fun designed just for you! Rated “Best Camp Food” by the campers! #CampHoward

CYO 8 Boys City BXB Champs The Madeleine School

March 10, 2019

CYO City Basketball Championships

Home Team: Madeleine

Coach(s): Laurie Merlino

Player first names: Chjarlie, Luke, Brady, Sam, Coen, Joseph, Mitch, Jayden, Trevor

Visiting Team: St. Therese

Coaches:  Glen Jenner

Players: Tevon, Gavin, Jordan, Quincy, Allen, Caden, Izaah, Simon, Loghan


Q1: 11 – 12 St. Therese

Q2: 32 – 18 the Madeleine

Q3: 42 – 24 the Madeleine

Q4:  58 – 41 the Madeleine

Game Highlights:

            St. Therese came out to the early lead.  In the second quarter, the Madeleine went ahead and continued to build a lead and didn’t stop.

            The Madeleine team played in the championships the last 3 years and came in second.  This year, their fourth year, they won the championship!  Congratulations to both teams for having made it to the big dance!