Galen Rupp on Mater Dei Radio April 30 @7:10am

October 15 Champions of Faith Benefit Dinner. WOW! I was so impressed with Galen’s strong faith, character and commitment. It was fascinating to hear about his personal journey and I am proud of the role CYO had in his formation.

I encourage you to tune into Mater Dei on April 30 at approximately 7:10 am to hear Galen’s radio interview. You will be inspired to hear his message, and, I pray, motivated to attend our dinner. Come and join Galen and our amazing CYO and Camp Howard supporters and me☺ for a night of faith, inspiration and fun. By attending, you can give every child an opportunity to grow and experience the power of living life through Christian principles. I appreciate your confidence in the work we do at CYO and Camp Howard!  

Visit our website to view Galen’s personal invitation and for more information or to register for our 9th Annual Champions of Faith Benefit Dinner.

Photo includes Tim and Gina O’Neill, our dinner chairs, Galen Rupp, and me!

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