Galen Rupp on Mater Dei Radio April 30 @7:10am

October 15 Champions of Faith Benefit Dinner. WOW! I was so impressed with Galen’s strong faith, character and commitment. It was fascinating to hear about his personal journey and I am proud of the role CYO had in his formation.

I encourage you to tune into Mater Dei on April 30 at approximately 7:10 am to hear Galen’s radio interview. You will be inspired to hear his message, and, I pray, motivated to attend our dinner. Come and join Galen and our amazing CYO and Camp Howard supporters and me☺ for a night of faith, inspiration and fun. By attending, you can give every child an opportunity to grow and experience the power of living life through Christian principles. I appreciate your confidence in the work we do at CYO and Camp Howard!  

Visit our website to view Galen’s personal invitation and for more information or to register for our 9th Annual Champions of Faith Benefit Dinner.

Photo includes Tim and Gina O’Neill, our dinner chairs, Galen Rupp, and me!

Tim & Gina O’Neill Chair Champions of Faith 2019

Thank you, Tim and Gina for chairing our 2019 Champions of Faith Dinner October 15 at the Oregon Convention Center!!!  Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Tim & Gina O’Neill

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Galen Rupp 2019 COF Speaker

Announcing Galen Rupp – 2019 Champions of Faith Keynote Speaker

I am thrilled to announce that Galen Rupp will be our Keynote speaker for our October 15th Champions of Faith Benefit Dinner. We are so proud that Galen got his start in CYO Track & Field. It has been amazing to observe his incredible running career and I can’t wait for him to share his personal story with all of us.

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday October 15th.  Your presence at our 2019 Champions of Faith Dinner will make a difference in the lives of our youth!

Check out our Mater Dei Radio interview announcing Galen Rupp and our wonderful dinner chairs: Tim & Gina O’Neill.

George and Tammy Awarded by CYO/CH

George & Tammy Weivoda

George and Tammy Weivoda – Awarded May 22, 2018 at the CYO/Camp Howard Appreciation Dinner held at the University of Portland

From the Script:

“October 9th will be the date of our 8th Champions of Faith benefit Dinners – can you believe it?  We have had some really great people step up to lend their good names to chair the dinners – Werner & Colleen Nistler, Sean & Sheri Dooney, Judy Winczewski, Bob & Kathleen Burtchaell and this past year, we had George and Tammy Weivoda.  George has served for many years as a coach, Basketball Commission member and basketball commission chair.  I called him last year and asked him if he and Tammy would be willing to step up and help us out as chairs of the dinner last year and they said “Yes”.  We could not be more pleased with the great job they did helping us spread the word about CYO and Camp Howard.

  • We would like to say thank you, George & Tammy, for your service this past year as chairs of our dinner! God bless you both!”

Lisa Sanders: Give  them the book

Sr. Krista: Give them the Clock

2018 Champions of Faith Kickoff



Judith Winczewski, Colleen Nistler, Bob Burtchaell, Michelle Garcia, Lisa Sanders, Sr. Michael Francine Duncan, Werner Nistler, Jr., Jolie Abraham Phanton, Tammy Scanlon, Kathy Burtchaell, Ed Kluss, Rick Skayhan, Michael Garcia, Martha Norrie, Susan Skayhan & Sr. Krista von Borstel enjoy lunch at the Racquet Club to kick off the 8th Annual Champions of Faith benefit dinner for CYO/Camp Howard.IMG_7952


Michael & Michelle Garcia Chair Champions of Faith 2018!

Thank you, Michael and Michelle for chairing our 2018 Champions of Faith Dinner October 9 at the Oregon Convention Center!!!  Your participation is greatly appreciated!

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Archbishop Alexander K. Sample on CYO/CH Champions of Faith

This is the link for the archbishop interview:

I am grateful to my friend, Archbishop Alexander Sample for his kind words about CYO/Camp Howard the evening of our annual fundraising dinner!  Thank you Archbishop Sample!  Your Friend, Sr. Krista

“Read All About It”

A 12 page insert into the Catholic Sentinel was featured this past weekend All About CYO and Camp Howard! I hope you take time and read about our new Camp Dining Hall which has been named “Mary’s Lodge at Camp Howard”.  It is the center of the paper.  Let me know what you think. Link:

Our Champions of Faith Dinner is this coming Tuesday night at the Oregon Convention Center.  We can still seat you and accept tables.  It will be a LOT OF FUN and we have some great videos to show.

Champions of Faith is the one time per year that CYO/Camp Howard asks for money to help us further the cause and transform the organization.  It’s all about the kids!  Our auditor, Gary McGee & Company, shares with the board each year that we have put 100% of the donations toward our programs.

Thanks to YOUR generosity, a LOT of kids have gone to camp (approximately 200 last summer) and have participated in sports who otherwise would not have.  Help us continue to Make Great Memories for Kids by making an annual donation to CYO/Camp Howard. Thank You!

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