“Read All About It”

A 12 page insert into the Catholic Sentinel was featured this past weekend All About CYO and Camp Howard! I hope you take time and read about our new Camp Dining Hall which has been named “Mary’s Lodge at Camp Howard”.  It is the center of the paper.  Let me know what you think. Link:


Our Champions of Faith Dinner is this coming Tuesday night at the Oregon Convention Center.  We can still seat you and accept tables.  It will be a LOT OF FUN and we have some great videos to show.

Champions of Faith is the one time per year that CYO/Camp Howard asks for money to help us further the cause and transform the organization.  It’s all about the kids!  Our auditor, Gary McGee & Company, shares with the board each year that we have put 100% of the donations toward our programs.

Thanks to YOUR generosity, a LOT of kids have gone to camp (approximately 200 last summer) and have participated in sports who otherwise would not have.  Help us continue to Make Great Memories for Kids by making an annual donation to CYO/Camp Howard. Thank You!

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