George and Tammy Awarded by CYO/CH

George & Tammy Weivoda

George and Tammy Weivoda – Awarded May 22, 2018 at the CYO/Camp Howard Appreciation Dinner held at the University of Portland

From the Script:

“October 9th will be the date of our 8th Champions of Faith benefit Dinners – can you believe it?  We have had some really great people step up to lend their good names to chair the dinners – Werner & Colleen Nistler, Sean & Sheri Dooney, Judy Winczewski, Bob & Kathleen Burtchaell and this past year, we had George and Tammy Weivoda.  George has served for many years as a coach, Basketball Commission member and basketball commission chair.  I called him last year and asked him if he and Tammy would be willing to step up and help us out as chairs of the dinner last year and they said “Yes”.  We could not be more pleased with the great job they did helping us spread the word about CYO and Camp Howard.

  • We would like to say thank you, George & Tammy, for your service this past year as chairs of our dinner! God bless you both!”

Lisa Sanders: Give  them the book

Sr. Krista: Give them the Clock

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