Mary’s Lodge at Camp Howard Update

The building continues to take shape as one would expect.  The images in my mind and dreams of the summer continue to inspire me.  This great weather invites new drone footage!

Below: Three quarter view from the new access road gives a wonderful perspective of the building. The large rocks will be removed and used in the Sandy River for stream bed restoration.  The area will be cleaned and dressed then planted to lawn.  It will serve as a welcoming green space and a fire defense area.


Below: working on the pad for the walk-in freezer.  The man in the orange shirt is applying a coating of liquid rubber.  they topped it off with tar paper and some foam.  These are my own observations and not the technical verbiage of the workers!


Below: Insulation is being applied in the dining room.  Looking good!  I really liked the look of the framing in the dining hall.  The pattern was beautiful!


Below: Insulation covered with a plastic overcoat!


Below: The inside fireplace room is drying out with the warm air being pumped in.


Below: Some of the beautiful windows being installed in the building.  These windows look out to the entrance of the building.


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