Part 6: The Mural up Close

Wayne Chin put the finishing touches on Mary’s Lodge with his spectacular mural painted for the youth of Camp Howard in July of 2018.  Check out his masterful individual animals that come to life before your eyes!

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The Cougar is the symbol of Camp Howard, built in 1953 on Cougar Mountain.  The Cougar Award springs from the location of the camp.

Part 5 Dedication: The Lodge

Mary’s Lodge is the first component of a four part improvement plan for Camp Howard.  Built in the early 50’s, the major buildings at the camp, dining hall, chapel and adult housing are slated for replacement.  An additional building, the Franz Finley Welcome Center is scheduled to be built in 2019 followed by the Chapel and adult lodge.

Mary’s Lodge affords a variety of comforts and views:


Welcome to Mary’s Lodge at Camp Howard!  The building was designed by Henry Fitzgibbon of Soderstrom Architects and built by Todd Construction.


The beautiful mural in the building was painted by well known Northwest artist, Wayne Chin.


Sister Michael Francine SSMO gazes on the mural as she visits the new facility.


The new fireside room at the entry to the building adds a remarkable warmth and comfort to the camp.


The fireside room at Mary’s Lodge includes a meeting space and lounging area.


The dining hall portion of the facility combined with the outdoor eating spaces will accommodate in excess of 350 individuals.


The kitchen, designed by the camp cooks, makes cooking for large numbers an enjoyable experience.


New to the kitchen includes two grills, a combi oven and a steam kettle.  Other equipment was brought from the old kitchen.


The outdoor seating area includes space for 200 guests.


Outdoor fireplace and patio area makes a wonderful evening party spot!


Landscaping including grass and rhodies will be added this fall to enhance the facility and provide fire suppression.


Back to the Mural by Wayne Chin

Wowzers! It is clear the mural in Mary’s Lodge at Camp Howard will finish the building in grand style!  The dedication on August 11th will show off the new state of the art food preparation and dining facility, a dream come true for staff at Camp Howard!

Wayne Chin is a well known local artist and art instructor.  It is a joy to watch him at work!

ps – He moved the raccoons!


The Mural by Wayne Chin

As Mary’s Lodge, the new dining hall at Camp Howard continues to wrap up construction, the final phases of preparation are in the works including the painting of a mural by Wayne Chin.  He came early in the afternoon last week and said he would like to get it blocked out.  He prepped his lines on the wall and laid out the under painting.  It was amazing to watch!

I need to remember to tell him a refrigerator will go where his ladders are and can he move the raccoons? 🙂


It’s Coming Together!

The new “Mary’s Lodge” at Camp Howard will be a major game changer for the camp.  It is inspiring to walk inside the building and imagine the kids enjoying the facility at meal time and other event times.  The high ceilings, light, air flow and ambience will make for a much more enjoyable experience.  – Our camp signups are at an all time high! (May 1, 2018)

Below: Larry is prepping for a concrete pour at the entrance to the building.


Below: Hand washing stations are being installed!


Below: Sheetrock finished and working on the mud!


Below: The sheetrock made a huge difference in defining the space!


Below: Ah…the kitchen…


Below: Another view of the hand washing stations as they begin construction.


Below: An exterior view of the entrance to Mary’s Lodge