My Mom


1994 XM @ Karen's - Mom 3 copy

My siblings and I feel very fortunate that our Mother is living, and that she is so well cared for by the staff at Maryville Nursing Home.  Mom dedicated her being to the development of her kids and grand kids and to this day has not let up!

I feel so fortunate that I grew up in a time and place that was so nourishing.  My parents cared for me.  School and activities were great.  By the time I left home for college my inner core was very strong and I had confidence and a very positive attitude.  I attribute all of those things to my Mom who encouraged all of us every day.

We didn’t get away with anything, there were always consequences to pay so we learned responsibility.   We could always count on Mom being at our activities.  She helped drive, she attended our parent teacher meetings, came to all of our sporting events, and was home every night when we got off the bus. We were so loved and cared for!

Thanks Mom, for being the person you are.  I am grateful for every day we have with you!

Parkes Kendrick, CYO Star, University of Portland Valedictorian

MAY 12, 2017 PORTLAND,  OR


Parkes Kendrick ran for the Madeleine CYO Club while in grade school and left her mark on CYO with her amazing racing skills!  Anyone who is a regular at CYO Track and Field will know the name, Parkes Kendrick.

I was so happy to see Parkes was the University of Portland Valedictorian chosen to talk at commencement last week when I attended the exercises to support our graduating Sisters and to watch Sr. Charlene receive her award.

I read up on what Parkes had done since her days at CYO and found in high school she was in contention for two state championships the same season on the same day! Similarly, at the University of Portland, she was a finalist for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship and had to give up her participation in the NCAA Cross Country Championships because the two conflicted!

Parkes is an extraordinary young woman who leaves an impression.  It is obvious, reading about her in cyber space that she has the potential to leave a big mark in our world. Congratulation, Parkes, on all you have achieved these past twenty some years! We are very proud of you. #sistersblogs  #cyocamphoward

Holy Family CYO Legends & Legacy – Awesome Event!


I attended the Holy Family “Legends & Legacy” event at the Celebration Center in the School to honor and celebrate CYO Sports within the parish and school community.  Awesome volunteers like Rebecca Brandt and Ted Collins were on hand to emcee the show and honor coaches, athletes and thank parents.  It was a wonderful event that really epitomized the CYO spirit throughout.

Rosie Honl, former CYO participant and coach and current Varsity Coach for the Crook County High School Volleyball team was the featured speaker and she was wonderful in every way.  An inspiration, clinician and entertainer rolled into one.  She holds the record for consecutive State Championship wins for Oregon High School volleyball at eight in a row!

In addition to all of the wonderful praise heaped upon the players and gratitude for coaches, one very special coach was inducted into the Holy Family CYO Hall of Fame, none other than Bill Mildenberger.  I could not have been happier than to have witnessed the event.

Congratulations to a great club making great memories for kids!

BELOW: Rosie Honl pauses for a photo after her speech to the crowd.


BELOW: LtoR: Bill Mildenberger, Rosie Honl and Ted Collins at the Holy Family Legends and Legacy event.


Sister Charlene Herinckx – An Honor Well Deserved!

…And I quote:

“The Regents and the President of the University of Portland have the pleasure and the honor of presenting at these Commencement Exercises the Christus Magister award.  The name of the award is taken from the Latin title of the University’s chapel, Christ the Teacher.  The award is bestowed on those persons who have given witness in their own lives to the elements of the mission of the University, teaching and learning, faith and formation, service and leadership.  The award consists of a bronze medallion of the University’s crest surrounded by the words: The University of Portland Christus Magister Award.  The year and the name of the recipient are engraved on the reverse side of the medal.  The Christus Magister Medal is the University’s highest honor.  Over the years we have presented the medal to senators and judges, theologians and scholars, writers and educators, cardinals and bishops, to men and women who have, in far-reaching ways, incarnated the University’s mission.

While she is a deft deflector of credit. praise and plaudits, her years of service and leadership have been marked with growth and innovation in her religious order and its many ministries which largely focus on education, healthcare and community service.

Founded in 1886, the first and only order founded in the state of Oregon and housed in their iconic green-domed motherhouse in Beaverton since 1930, the Sisters of St Mary of Oregon describe themselves as “living as women of prayer, in simplicity and sisterly love, called to be compassionate and joyful servants of the Lord.”

Beloved and respected by students, friends and colleagues alike, she embodies those traits in the very essence of her being and in bestowing the University’s highest honor upon her, we bestow it as well upon the prayerful. compassionate, charismatic joyful Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, past, present and future.

Thus, with pride and pleasure the University of Portland confers its 2017 Christus Magister Medal on Sister Charlene Herinckx, of Beaverton, Oregon, and now always of the University of Portland.”

The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon and the family of Sister Charlene Herinckx were on hand to witness the wonderful award bestowed on her by the University of Portland! Congratulations Sister! #sistersblogs, #cyocamphoward, #ssmo, #Sistersofstmaryoforegon

BELOW: Sister Charlene Herinckx, Superior General of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon receives the Christus Magister Award from the University of Portland at their graduation exercises May 2017.


Below: Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon attend the graduation exercises at the University of Portland.


Below: Sister Charlene receives the award from President Mark Poorman.


Below: A close up of the medal depicting Christ the Teacher.


What Happened on Holy Thursday?


Holy Thursday commemorates the activities leading up to the Passion of Christ.  The meal (Last Supper) takes place with a sense of foreboding.  The Gospel writers describe it as a Passover meal.  Jesus talks about the bread and wine as elements of his own body as he shares the bread and cup of wine with those present.  On this night, Jesus washed the feet of the disciples and he announced that one of the twelve at the table would betray him.  Later in the evening, Jesus and his apostles retire to the Garden of Gethsemane where he prayed before being apprehended by members of the Sanhedrin and guards. He is taken away and will be crucified the next day, Good Friday.

Sr. Julie, Sr. Thuy, Sr. Michael Francine and Fr. Francis,  process through the chapel with candles & incense as part of the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  Members of the local community join the Sisters in the convent chapel for the service. #sistersofstmaryoforegon, 

We Chained Up and Got out of Town

Picture this!  Four Sisters pull out their Les Schwab tire chains, get out the directions and put them on the car for practice in case they need them on the summit of the coast range. Lets step back a few paces and get the full picture.  Sister Colleen Schmitt, Sister Alison Green, Sister Michael Francine and I had planned to go to the beach for Martin Luther King weekend.  A nice four day relaxing weekend to play cards, and celebrate Sister Michael Francine’s birthday on the 16th.

One of the Sisters passed away and the vigil and funeral were scheduled for two of the days of the vacation cutting it in half.  The ice and snow predictions were coming in full force and by 2:00 on Wednesday the 11th it was snowing hard and 6″ had dropped.  I paged the Sisters and asked them to meet me in the parlor where we talked about making the trip that afternoon since no one was at the beach house, and stay till Sunday afternoon which would give us 5 days at the beach!!!  Everyone was in.  We packed our bags and met at the car in an hour.

When we got back to the car, we got out the chains and practiced putting them on. Seemed like a good idea to make sure we could get them on easily and that they fit the car.  The Sisters were the dream team of chain gangs!  They got them on and the hard part was tightening them up.  We got it done, drove a short distance and tightened them again.  We were good to go.  Les Schwab puts out some good tire chains by the way!

We took the chains off and drove out to Murray Blvd., which was mostly open pavement. Our question was what would it be like on the Coast Summit?   If we needed the chains, we were in good hands!   We got past the memorial Tunnel and that was about where the snow and packed ice began.  As things got slippy we switched into 4 wheel drive and said the Rosary. Thanks be to God,  we made it fine!  We drove slowly, no one was on the road but us….good time to travel…and for about 10 to 15 miles were were in snow and ice conditions.

A ways beyond Camp 18 we ran out of snow and ice and had a glorious 5 days at Cannon Beach.  With two teachers in the group, we celebrated Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as news arrived that school was called for the following days.

Meanwhile, back in town…


I Drove Back for the Cabbage!

JANUARY 10, 2017 CYO/CH –Did I tell you what I saw this summer on my way to the office from Camp Howard?  The area has some very impressive “truck farms” which means they raise vegetables for local stores and sales.

The daily summer trips to and from camp from the office or from the convent or from the bus pick up and drop off, affords the opportunity to watch the entire process from planting to harvest of the cabbages and it is beautiful.

I am driving one day and I notice halfway down the field that they are planting the field with the cabbages.  I drive a little ways and I think to myself, “I haven’t seen the planting process in all of my twenty years of trips to the camp!  It will take an extra half hour of time but do it!”

I drove back and patiently waited for the men to get all the way to the end of the field then come back to the end I was at.  It was worth the wait and I would like to share my photos with you of what I saw.  Would you go back for the cabbage?


Planting a field of cabbage four rows at a time.


Above: Making the turn at the end of the row.


Above: refilling the containers with cabbage plants.  You can see the black circles with small plant holders in which each individual plant is placed.  With the help of some sort of mechanical mechanism, the plant drops and is guided by the two silver levers and the plant is planted!  The large orange wheels create a “seed bed” for the plants.


Above: four individuals take a seat on the chairs provided and keep the circular mechanisms filled with plants as two individuals follow for quality control.


Above: All seven of the workers were thrilled to be photographed.  Their work provided a lot of enjoyment for me through out the summer!