Rock Wall and Picturesque View

CAMP HOWARD February 16, 2018

Our regular Tuesday afternoon meeting at Camp Howard to visit with architects and builders did not disappoint!  I am so excited to see the framing and walls go up on “Mary’s Lodge”.  The building continues to take shape.

Below: A new road, required by the Fire Dept. is located below the building and is the point from which the photo is taken.  The concrete is outdoor patio/eating space and there will be an outdoor fireplace which can be seen in the photos below.


Below: Three quarter view of the end and side of the building.


Below: A large opening for doors and windows show the spectacular view.


An outdoor decorative rock wall juxtaposed to the outdoor fireplace will provide a wonderful outdoor environment for special events.


Below: Working outdoors under a plastic tent, the fireplace takes shape!


Below: Putting up the glue laminated beams!


Hans Etlin, from Soderstrom Architects, inspects the specially fabricated hardware which will hold the massive timbers at the entrance to the building.


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