Photos to Come!

As the snow falls in Portland and surrounding environs, Portland area schools are closing left and right. I sit and drink a cup of coffee in the Pepper Market Cafe in Orlando Florida as I wait for the opening session and keynote speaker for the American Camping Association national gathering.

I am here with Nora our Camp Director, Karen, our Property Director, Leila our Health and Safety Director and Shawna, our Assistant Camp Director.

I am concerned about the 3rd and 4th grade tournament but know the CYO staff will get things prepped and ready for contingency.  I feel for them.  It is a big job!

Our staff at the convention will be fanning out and taking in as many topics as we can between now and Friday.  I will share along the way and I think you will find it interesting.

Pictured below: Shawna and Leila 


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