Building Rain or Shine

Not a surprise, seems like more rain than shine these days at Camp Howard as contractors work through the drizzle to finish up the foundation of the new “Mary’s Lodge at Camp Howard!”

When the project is finished, I plan to perch myself in front of the windows overlooking the Bull Run and Mt. Hood and drink coffee all afternoon with friends!  Call me to get your name on the list of friends who would like to join me! 503-231-9484

Below: The plastic “tent” is actually scaffolding surrounded by plastic to keep rain off of the fireplace that is being installed.  Pretty exciting to see the work being done!


Inside the “tent” small glimpse of the inside of the fireplace and firewall being installed.


Framers lay out the area where walls will spring up.  In no time they will have the walls up and a cover over the building so they can work inside.  That is my prediction!  We will see how long it takes!IMG_7811


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