The Making of a Summer Camp Director


Nora Gravengaard interviewed for and was hired in the position of receptionist in January of 2014 at the CYO/Camp Howard office in Portland, OR.  She quickly proved herself to be a hard worker who did a good job, kept smiling and asked what else she could do!

I moved her into a position to assist with the development of Baseball, Lacrosse and Football.  Again, she stayed on top of her work, communicated with her cohorts and delivered to the best of her ability.

An opportunity came forward in 2015 to move her to the position of the Camp Director of the Camp Howard summer programs.  She said, “Sister I will do what ever you would like me to do.”

The position of Camp Director for a summer camping experience is a formidable task.  It is a position that calls forth all of your skills and then some.  It is a position that will take you to new places in your own skin!  You are forced to grow beyond your current personal boundaries.

Nora went into her first camping season armed with a team of confident, seasoned team mates, mothers, leaders, friends, all capable hard working ladies in their own right who looked for a leader who would communicate with them, keep them in the loop, treat them as team mates, work with them and laugh with them.

The first season was a season of learning all of the ropes, asking for help, and sometimes just big “deer in the headlight” stares at what could possibly happen next!  Her team flanked her and helped her all the way through.  During the off season, she attended the Camp Directors workshop and the American Camping Association’s convention in New Mexico.  She attended with two of her team and they all learned so much and were excited about it.

Nora is getting ready to start her second season of camp.  She just finished staff training and her youth staff were thrilled with it.  They have been a big help to her and they realized this year how important their help was last year.  Her Leadership Team is grateful for the experience she has developed and look forward to working with her again.

In reflecting on her second year she says she is grateful for her youth staff and the parents who are trusting her and the camp with their children.  She is excited and ready for round two!

One thought on “The Making of a Summer Camp Director

  1. I’m excited to work with Nora again this year. She has the best smile and laugh and will make sure things get done so our campers can experience the best camp season ever!


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