Thanks Mark, Eric & Troop 22 PDX, OR


It was the end of camp 2016 and Mark Gravengaard commented the flag wasn’t folded correctly when we put it away.  That remark did not fall on deaf ears.  I tucked it away and thought, we need to do a better job because the flag needs to be folded correctly!  I asked Mark if he and his troop would consider coming out to the camp and give our new staff a talk on proper flag etiquette.  He said he would be happy to do it.

Mark and his son, Eric brought a couple members of the troop along and talked to the staff on all sorts of topics around the flag.  I was really pleased they did that and my hope is that when Mark sees us put the flag away this season, he will know it was time well spent!

One thought on “Thanks Mark, Eric & Troop 22 PDX, OR

  1. They did a fabulous job of showing each of this year’s camp staff how to properly take the flag down from the flag pole, fold it correctly and to put it up the flag pole. Thank you Troop 22


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