Andrew Klopcic Astonishing Accomplishment Achieves Gold for St. Francis/Visitation In Turbo Javelin.

Imagine being seeded next to last in a field of 10 and having a supercharged peak performance when it counted!  That’s what Andrew Klopcic did, moving from 8th seed to Champion with an 89’8” throw when his best of season had been 69’2”.  Good job, Andrew and all of the roadrunner boys in the CYO Meet of Champions held May 20 & 21 at Jesuit High School. #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. Andrew Klopcic, St. Francis (Roy)/ Visitation (Verboort) 89-08
  2. Tyler Brown, Our Lady of Lourdes, 87-00
  3. William Sabido, St. Clare, 85-03
  4. Rowan Jones, St. Ignatius, 83-04
  5. Gabriel Wong, West Hills Christian, 83-00
  6. Logan Swanson, St. Pius X, 82-06
  7. Jacob Hunsinger, St. Ignatius, 82-05
  8. Riley Reeves, St. Matthew, 67-10
  9. Phillipe Reece, St. Anthony, 56-08
  10. Brenden Novak, St. Francis (Roy)/ Visitation (Verboort), 52-05


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