Roadrunner Grant Valley Achieved Gold for Holy Trinity in Both Track & Field

Grant Valley exceeded his best jump of the season by one and a half feet landing in the 14’ category by a quarter of an inch.  Grant won the long jump championship in the CYO Meet of Champions May 20 held at Jesuit High School.  Congratulations to Grant Valley and all of the Roadrunner Boys in the Roadrunner division! #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. Grant Valley, Holy Trinity, 14’.25”
  2. Caleb Chinn, St. Pius X, 13’1.50”
  3. Owen Smith, St. John the Apostle, 12’9”
  4. Vincent Sadighi, St. Anthony, 12’7”
  5. Brady Ryan, Holy Family, 12’4.75”
  6. Channing Nesland, Pacific Crest Academy, 12’2”
  7. Joey Donnelly, St. Joseph (Vancouver), 12’
  8. Taylor Downs, Our Lady of the Lake, 11’10”
  9. Jemai Lake, Valley Catholic, 11’9.75”
  10. Daniel Ryan, Holy Trinity, 11’8.25”



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