Trace Cancelosi Captures Cub Boys Shot Put Championship for St. Anthony

Trace Cancelosi had a put of 36’10.25” to win the CYO Cub Boys shot put championship at the CYO Meet of Champions May 20 & 21 held at Jesuit High School.  Trace’s best put of the season was 37’11”.  CYO congratulates all of the boys participating in the event. #sistersblog #cyocamphoward

Trace Cancelosi

  1. Trace Cancelosi, St. Anthony, 36’10.25.
  2. Steven McMillan, St. Pius X, 31’8”
  3. Chrisani Glass, St. Andrew Nativity School, 30’11.50”
  4. Charlie Holtz, St. Thomas More, 29’2.75”
  5. Sean Khouri, St. Anthony, 28’1”
  6. Ben Lammers, West Hills Christian, 26’7.25”
  7. Townsend Powell, St. Anthony, 27’2.25”
  8. Isaac Edo, St. Andrew Nativity School, 26’7.25”


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