Christ the King’s James Menor Nails Fastest Cadet Boy Title in CYO 100-Meter Dash

James Menor is not only fast, he is strong, claiming gold in both the 100-meter dash and the shot put at the CYO Meet of Champions.  The two-day event was held at Jesuit High School May 20&21 showcasing the best of CYO Track and Field.  Congratulations to the entire field of participants. #sistersblog #cyocamphoward


  1. James Menor, Christ the King, 12.03
  2. Ian Hwang, St. Pius X, 12.18
  3. Robert Sabido, St. Clare, 12.64
  4. Parfait Ananouko, St. Andrew Nativity School, 12.66 – Tie for Fourth
  5. Edward Schram, St. John the Apostle, 12. 66 – Tie for Fourth
  6. Thomas McMillan, St. Pius X, 12.74
  7. Marcus Dillard, Christ the King, 12.77
  8. Rolin Griffiths, St. Anthony, 12.82


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