CYO Cub Boys 1500 Vlad Stancescu from Our Lady of the Lake

Twins from Our Lady of the Lake, Vlad and Andrei Stancescu were a treat to watch as they came in one and two in both the 3000 (Saturday) and the 1500 (Sunday afternoon).  The boys clearly love one another and my suspicion is that they push one another in practice.  Andrei shaved 3 seconds off his best time while Vlad improved by under 1 second. sistersblog# cyocamphoward#

  1. Vlad Stancescu, Our Lady of the Lake, 4:50.87
  2. Andrei Stancescu, Our Lady of the Lake, 4:55.81
  3. Mario Oblad, Valley Catholic, 4:56.47
  4. Tristan Sullivan, Holy Trinity, 5:01.77
  5. Liam Murphy, St. Thomas More, 5:04.68
  6. Caden Swanson, St. Pius X, 5:11.11
  7. Avery Cesar, St. Pius X, 5:11.66
  8. Eric Schumacher, St. Pius X, 5:12.51

Vlad StancescuIMG_3641

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