My Mom


1994 XM @ Karen's - Mom 3 copy

My siblings and I feel very fortunate that our Mother is living, and that she is so well cared for by the staff at Maryville Nursing Home.  Mom dedicated her being to the development of her kids and grand kids and to this day has not let up!

I feel so fortunate that I grew up in a time and place that was so nourishing.  My parents cared for me.  School and activities were great.  By the time I left home for college my inner core was very strong and I had confidence and a very positive attitude.  I attribute all of those things to my Mom who encouraged all of us every day.

We didn’t get away with anything, there were always consequences to pay so we learned responsibility.   We could always count on Mom being at our activities.  She helped drive, she attended our parent teacher meetings, came to all of our sporting events, and was home every night when we got off the bus. We were so loved and cared for!

Thanks Mom, for being the person you are.  I am grateful for every day we have with you!

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