CYO 8 Girls City BXB Champs St. John Fisher

March 10, 2019

CYO City Basketball Championships

Home Team: All Saints

Coach(s): Jim MacCallum, Ron DePalma

Player first names: Olivia, Ava, Murenda, Shannon, Mackenzie, Abigail, Sarah, Molly, Corinne

Visiting Team: St. John Fisher

Coaches: Scott Olsen, D’Ambrosia, Hawthorne, Wittman

Players: Reese, Catie, Addison, Isabella, Morgan, Lily, Isabel, Rosali, Allie, Cayton, Grace


Q1: 5-11 St. John Fisher

Q2: 16 – 16

Q3: 27 – 20 All Saints

Q4: 38 – 39 St. John Fisher

Game Highlights:

  • With 2:41 left in the second quarter, All Saints tied the score 16 – 16.
  • After trailing most of the third quarter, St. John Fisher brings it within one in the final quarter with 3:53 left to play.
  • With 26 seconds left in the game, St. John Fisher’s Lilly tied the game at 36-36 with a swisher from 12’ out.  Lilly fouled out shortly after giving All Saints’ Shannon two charity tries with 1.6 seconds left on the clock.  She missed both shots taking the game into a 2:00 overtime.
  • All Saints 32, Shannon, got the tip, took a shot, missed it, followed up and scored 2.
  • St. John Fisher lost the ball on their possession to a travel but rebounded from All Saints failing to score.  All Saints turned the ball over to St. John fisher with 50 seconds left. St. John Fisher’s Cayton sunk a 3 pointer to go ahead by one with 28 seconds on the clock!
  • With 5.3 seconds on the clock, the ball went to St. John Fisher.  The Cardinals were able to hold off All Saints for 5 seconds to win the game.  
  • One of the best games in the tournament, both teams kept it very close and exciting.
  • CYO wishes the young women the very best as they move on to high school next year!

FINAL:  38 – 39 St. John Fisher

CYO 7 Boys City BXB Champs St. Pius X

March 10, 2019

CYO City Basketball Championships

Home Team: St. Anthony

Coach(s): Octavio Lubrano

Player first names: Jacob, Spencer, Tyler, Taj, Townsend, Hudson, Aidan, Rafael, Jaden

Visiting Team: St. Pius X

Coaches: Jabbar Craigwell

Players: Mickey, Ameya, Derek, Chandler, Seamus, Sam, Evan, Jack, Dylan, Ronit, Griffin, Luke, Austin, Matthew


Q1: 7-10 St. Pius X

Q2: 18 – 21 St. Pius X

Q3: 36 – 40 St. Pius X

Q4: 45 – 58 St. Pius X

Game Highlights:

With 3:21 left in the game, St. Anthony took the lead for the first time in the game with a beautifully executed assist from Rafael to Jacob 43 – 42.  

A flurry of back and forth scoring brought the game to 45 – 50 Pius X with just under 2 minutes to go.

The final score with a 13 point margin was not reflective of the game in total.  Well played by both teams.

FINAL: 45 – 58 St. Pius X

All Saints Crowned CYO 8th Grade Volleyball Champions

November 17, 2018 Eighth Grade Girls Spike Championships

All Saints, Coach: JodyJust, Colleen O’Bryant, Players: Olivia,Sofia, Ava, Logan, Shannon, Sarah, Molly

Valley Catholic,  Coach: Tiffany Zwick, Players: Dipai, Trisha, Naima, Frances, Aathira, Liana, Ceanna, Sophie, Aditi, Sophia


Set 1: 25 – 21 All Saints

Set 2: 15 – 10 All Saints

Game Highlights: Two great teams with very developedskills.  We will see several of these girls on future area high school teams. All Saints had the edge with their height and depth.  Valley Catholic however, kept them on the ropes the entire game.  Great job to both teams!

CYO 7th Grade Girls Championship All Saints vs St. John Fisher…

March 11, 2018 BEAVERTON, OR

7th Grade Girls CYO City Basketball Championships

Home Team: St. John Fisher (White)

Coach(s): Jason D’Ambrosio, Jason Hawthorne, Scott Olsen

Player first names: Reese, Catie, Addison, Isabella, Morgan, Isabel, Rosali, Alexandra, Cayton, Grace


1 All Saints 7th Grade Girls

Visiting Team: All Saints (Green

Coaches: Ron DePalma, James MacCallum

Players: Olivia, Chloe, Ava, Shannon, Charlotte, Mackenzie, Abigail, Sarah, Molly, Corinne

2 St. John Fisher 7th Grade Girls


Q1: 8-6 All Saints

Q2: 18 – 7 All Saints

Q3: 24 – 11 All Saints

Q4: 30 – 21 All Saints

Game Highlights:

  • All Saints slowly and patiently set up the ball on most possessions and moved it around until they had a shot.
  • All Saints had the height advantage and followed up on their missed shots for conversions.
  • John Fisher was the quicker team with great ball handling skills. They had a hard time penetrating All Saints defense to get inside to the basket.
  • With under three minutes left, St. John Fisher caught on fire and made a comeback.
  • With 44 seconds left in the game, St. John Fisher had closed the gap to 5 points and the pressure was on!
  • All Saints was held scoreless through most of the quarter letting SJF close in.
  • John Fisher could not close the gap but gave All Saints a good run for their money in the last quarter.

FINAL: All Saints 30 – 21


3000-Meter Run – CYO Lead off Event


The 3000-meter run is a Track running event, also commonly known as the 3K or 3K run, where 7.5 laps are completed around an outdoor 400 m track or 15 laps around a 200 m indoor track.

In CYO, the Cubs (grades 5 & 6) and Cadets (grades 7 & 8) participate.  The Roadrunners (grades 3 & 4), participate in the 1500 as their longest race.

Kate Peters from St. Anthony School, won the Cub level of the 3000 meter Run with a time of 10:59.71.  She shaved 16 seconds off of her seed time of 11:15.03.  She was followed through the finish chute by Natalie Jack (Holy Trinity), Timna Nevo (Holy Trinity), Naya Wrenn (St. John Fisher), Maggie Bennett (St. Thomas More), Olivia Spink (St. John the Apostle), Ella Frost (West Hills Christian) and Scarlet Baertach Kovalch (St. Anthony).

IMG_2887Kate Peters 3000 ChampionIMG_2982

My Mom


1994 XM @ Karen's - Mom 3 copy

My siblings and I feel very fortunate that our Mother is living, and that she is so well cared for by the staff at Maryville Nursing Home.  Mom dedicated her being to the development of her kids and grand kids and to this day has not let up!

I feel so fortunate that I grew up in a time and place that was so nourishing.  My parents cared for me.  School and activities were great.  By the time I left home for college my inner core was very strong and I had confidence and a very positive attitude.  I attribute all of those things to my Mom who encouraged all of us every day.

We didn’t get away with anything, there were always consequences to pay so we learned responsibility.   We could always count on Mom being at our activities.  She helped drive, she attended our parent teacher meetings, came to all of our sporting events, and was home every night when we got off the bus. We were so loved and cared for!

Thanks Mom, for being the person you are.  I am grateful for every day we have with you!

What Happened on Holy Thursday?


Holy Thursday commemorates the activities leading up to the Passion of Christ.  The meal (Last Supper) takes place with a sense of foreboding.  The Gospel writers describe it as a Passover meal.  Jesus talks about the bread and wine as elements of his own body as he shares the bread and cup of wine with those present.  On this night, Jesus washed the feet of the disciples and he announced that one of the twelve at the table would betray him.  Later in the evening, Jesus and his apostles retire to the Garden of Gethsemane where he prayed before being apprehended by members of the Sanhedrin and guards. He is taken away and will be crucified the next day, Good Friday.

Sr. Julie, Sr. Thuy, Sr. Michael Francine and Fr. Francis,  process through the chapel with candles & incense as part of the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  Members of the local community join the Sisters in the convent chapel for the service. #sistersofstmaryoforegon, 

Holy Trinity Battles to CYO 5th Grade Volleyball Championship

5-5-spike-holy-trinity-championsHoly Trinity Coaches: Lina Kwee Nguyen, Anh Khoa Nguyen.  Players Mikayla, Marjorie, Emmanuelle, Kendra, Lauryn, Kyla, Taylor, Leia, Adrienne, Ericka, Lauren, Mackenzie

6-5-spike-holy-trinity-secondSt. Matthew Coaches: Marisol Levick, Lacey Puncochar.  Players: Sophia, Dominique, Gillian, Mary, Bailey, Elisabeth, Emilia, Adelle, Jaydn, Macie, Annabelle.

Game 1 – St. Matthew took pretty handily 25 – 10. 

Game 2, Holy Trinity tied the score at 11 – 11 then took the lead 19 – 13 before handing the serve over to St. Matthew.  With a score of 24 – 20, Holy Trinity scored the last point and won the second game 25 – 20.

Game 3, Holy Trinity came out to the early lead 3-0 before St. Matthew took over the serving and tied the game at 7-7.  A back and forth tug of war continued to the end of the 15 – 13 Holy Trinity win!

Notable Game Notes: Holy Trinity got into the championship game by beating the two time previous contender, Valley Catholic.  St. Matthew, the 2015 champion beat St. Agatha, the number one seed this year.  Both teams played a tough tournament schedule to make it to the big game!  “Anything can happen at the tournaments!”

Guess Who Won the SSMO Singles Bocce Tournament…?

There were thirty-three entries in the SSMO Singles Bocce Tournament August 14th during a barbecue picnic on the eve of Final Vows for Sr. Alison Green and Temporary Vows for Sr. Anna Nguyen!  Rain threatened but did not dampen the SSMO patio barbecue where hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken skewers were the main attraction prior to “The Event.”

It is obvious that the Sisters have been practicing and the game was taken to another level Friday evening as the Sisters invited relatives and friends of Sister Alison and Sister Anna.  Archbishop Vlazny was among those vying for the honor of first singles winner on the new court AND the first singles tournament played.  The annual tournament has always been a doubles tournament so this was a game changer!  BUT…did he win?  NO…read on…

Archbishop Vlazny joins the SSMO singles bocce tournament 2015

Archbishop Vlazny joins the SSMO singles bocce tournament 2015

What about the Contractor from PC Construction?  Did he win?  NO…read on…


The contest came down to two people…Sr. Michael Francine and Lee Green, father of Sr. Alison.  It was one of the best contests of the tournament with each ball thrown taking the lead.  Sister Michael Francine threw a ball that nestled right up to the jack and the question was…would Lee be able to knock her ball out and win?

Nope…The SSMO tournament was won by Sr. Michael Francine and it was a great contest to participate in and watch.

Lee Green throws his final ball.

Lee Green throws his final ball.

Sister Michael Francine and Lee Green congratulate one another for a great contest and tournament.

Sister Michael Francine and Lee Green congratulate one another for a great contest and tournament.

Lee and Sr. Michael Francine ham it up!

Lee and Sr. Michael Francine ham it up!

Sister Michael Francine is the big winner with bragging rights!

Sister Michael Francine is the big winner with bragging rights!