Parkes Kendrick, CYO Star, University of Portland Valedictorian

MAY 12, 2017 PORTLAND,  OR


Parkes Kendrick ran for the Madeleine CYO Club while in grade school and left her mark on CYO with her amazing racing skills!  Anyone who is a regular at CYO Track and Field will know the name, Parkes Kendrick.

I was so happy to see Parkes was the University of Portland Valedictorian chosen to talk at commencement last week when I attended the exercises to support our graduating Sisters and to watch Sr. Charlene receive her award.

I read up on what Parkes had done since her days at CYO and found in high school she was in contention for two state championships the same season on the same day! Similarly, at the University of Portland, she was a finalist for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship and had to give up her participation in the NCAA Cross Country Championships because the two conflicted!

Parkes is an extraordinary young woman who leaves an impression.  It is obvious, reading about her in cyber space that she has the potential to leave a big mark in our world. Congratulation, Parkes, on all you have achieved these past twenty some years! We are very proud of you. #sistersblogs  #cyocamphoward

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