CYO Track and Field Championships to Begin

This Saturday we will begin the Track and Field Championship Events.  The Roadrunner Meet for 3rd and 4th graders will be held at Liberty High School this year since LaSalle Prep athletic area is under construction.  We will return to LaSalle Prep in 2013 and are enthusiastic about what they are doing out there.  Some great facility development!

We are excited about the talent in the Roadrunner division.  If you enjoy track and field, I encourage you to come out to Liberty High School, pay your $2 and enjoy a morning and early afternoon of our fun!

I will be tweeting and blogging the results from Liberty on Saturday so if you can’t make it to the event, be sure to follow my blog or tweets!  Will be taking lots of great pictures and talking to the kids about their experience.

An exciting weekend to be sure! – ALSO – thanks to Mitch & Susan Menendez, I will have the coolest, hottest NIKE’s available.  Be sure to check out my special NIKE’s at the track championships this weekend and next weekend at the MOC at Jesuit!

We also plan to have video shot at the event so there will be a lot of formats to watch some of the great performances by these kids!

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