Ed Kluss, Executive Board President, CYO/Camp Howard, Receives Appreciation

From the Script:

Ed Kluss

Mr. Ed Kluss CYO/Camp Howard Executive Board was led by Ed Kluss again this year.  Ed is the Vice President of Umpqua Bank.  He has been especially helpful to me this year with some of the historic gifts CYO/Camp Howard has received.  It is great to have a good banker in the house!  Ed has been indispensable working with the Catholic Charities Board, on behalf of CYO/CH.  Ed is very detailed, precise, humorous and enjoys a good laugh. 

I would like to award our Spirit of CYO award to Ed Kluss for his great work with the Executive Board.

Sister Krista: gives him a plaque

CYO 2014 THE SPIKE 7th Grade Girls Championship…Lose round 1 win rounds 2 & 3

St. Cecilia – 7th Grade Girls

Head Coach: Heather Gentry, Assistant Coach: Scott Szulczewski

Team Members: Isabelle, Haley, Kristi, Molly, Malee, Zoey, Amber & Lola

It was a hard-fought battle all the way to the end of the game as St. Cecilia lost the first set and came back to win the second and third!

St. Cecilia 7th Grade Girls win CYO Championship 2014

St. Cecilia 7th Grade Girls win CYO Championship 2014

It is Cold at Camp Howard! Things are Happenin’

A couple of trees have blown down with the high winds.  One near the basketball courts and one at Cougar Den falling in such a way as to avoid any cabins….very kind of mother nature huh?  The temperature has been in the lower 20’s and a slight accumulation of about 3″ of snow.  The ground is clear now, cold and clear days with the mountain very beautiful.

Winter tree fall at camp

Winter tree fall at camp

Fallen tree near basketball courts at camp

Fallen tree near basketball courts at camp

Candi Trapp painted all of the bunks and walls in Fircrest this fall and winter, working around her other jobs.  She has done a beautiful job.  Additionally she caulked all the cracks in the ceilings and added slats to upgrade the look of the ceilings in these older cabins.

Candi points to the caulking she has done to improve the paint job.

Painted bunk covered while walls get fresh coat of paint in St. Cecilia cabin in Fircrest Unit.

Painted bunk covered while walls get fresh coat of paint in St. Cecilia cabin in Fircrest Unit

DSCN0234Candi points to the caulking she has done to improve the paint job.


Allyson Thom won the Cub Girls 100 meter dash championship with a close second by Shannon Smith of Our Lady of Lourdes (Vancouver).    Thom’s time of 13.78 was a tenth of a second faster than Smith’s.

Champion: Allyson Thom from the Cathedral

Second: Shannon Smith from Our Lady of Lourdes

Third: Laura Staropoli from West Hills Christian

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CYO Cub Girls 100 Meter Dash Championship

John Canzano’s Articles on CYO Track 1 and 2 – Must read if you missed!

In case you missed either of John Canzano’s articles in the Oregonian about the CYO Track Star from St. Thomas More, this is a must read!

First Article April 22, 2012


Follow Up Article April 29, 2012


CYO Track and Field Championships to Begin

This Saturday we will begin the Track and Field Championship Events.  The Roadrunner Meet for 3rd and 4th graders will be held at Liberty High School this year since LaSalle Prep athletic area is under construction.  We will return to LaSalle Prep in 2013 and are enthusiastic about what they are doing out there.  Some great facility development!

We are excited about the talent in the Roadrunner division.  If you enjoy track and field, I encourage you to come out to Liberty High School, pay your $2 and enjoy a morning and early afternoon of our fun!

I will be tweeting and blogging the results from Liberty on Saturday so if you can’t make it to the event, be sure to follow my blog or tweets!  Will be taking lots of great pictures and talking to the kids about their experience.

An exciting weekend to be sure! – ALSO – thanks to Mitch & Susan Menendez, I will have the coolest, hottest NIKE’s available.  Be sure to check out my special NIKE’s at the track championships this weekend and next weekend at the MOC at Jesuit!

We also plan to have video shot at the event so there will be a lot of formats to watch some of the great performances by these kids!

John Canzano Writes About CYO Trackmeet

Mark Lee is the Director of CYO Track and Field in the Greater Portland area.  He has a fantastic group of individuals who serve on his Commission and a wonderful group of talented individuals who coach the nearly 25 track and field teams in the Metro area including Clark County, Washington.

Special thanks to John Canzano for capturing this moment in words and sharing it with us.


Why Are there so few Accredited Camps in Oregon?

Answer:  Because it is a lot of work to go through to become accredited and stay accredited.  Why does Camp Howard go through the effort of being an accredited camp?  Answer: because it helps tremendously to maintain a level of safety at the camp.  Camp Howard holds itself to the highest standards in camping with the American Camping Association.  Camps are accredited every three years or whenever the camp has a new Camp Director.

Facility Manager, Karen von Borstel and Camp Howard Summer Program Director, Bill Fogarty, work on the preparation for the American Camping Association Accreditation which will take place this summer.

Guess What the CYO/Camp Howard Staff is up to on Friday the 13th?

The CYO/Camp Howard Staff will be going to Camp Howard and will be meeting with the CYO and camp staff from Seattle, WA.  We will be meeting one another and sharing information between the two groups and talk about how we might collaborate going forward.  Imagine a border clash between 8th grade boys and girls championship basketball teams.  Who knows what might come of it.  Now you are on the cutting edge of information!