Sacramento Morning Day 2…

We got into the Best Western last night and found our way to our rooms.  The rooms were spacious and wonderful and after a 13 hour bus ride it was such a welcome sight!  It was not hard to fall asleep!  Seven pillows on each bed?  This morning I processed a little video tape that I took yesterday at the Heaven on Earth restaurant.  I told you about Rosie who got out her guitar to share a song she wrote about the place.  It is quite charming.

We will be leaving here at 9:30 this morning and heading to the museum.  There are several exhibits there and I plan to take almost all of them in. Of course the purpose of our trip is to see the one featuring the History of Religious Life in America which originated in the Smithsonian Institute.

One that sounds interesting to me is the 100th Anniversary of Ishi’s discovery, an enhanced display chronicling the life and legacy of “the last wild Indian in North America”

California’s Remarkable Women 2011 – Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Women’s suffrage.

2011 California Hall of Fame – This will showcase the personal artifacts of the visionaries, legends and dreamers in the class of 2011 inductees – that should be interesting depending on who they are!

Tuskegee: Journey to Flight – Celebrates the gallant African-American men and women who broke barriers as  aviation heroes of WWII, as well as champions of equality.

California Indians: Making a Difference – featuring Native voice and over 400 extraordinary artifacts

California Innovates: The Computer Chip

Explores the impact of the computer chip – I will take this one in so I will have something to say when I sit down with one of my friends from Intel! 🙂

Uprooted! Japanese Americans During WWII


2 thoughts on “Sacramento Morning Day 2…

  1. WOW! The whole family loved this clip of Rosie. She is indeed charming and what a treat for the customers at “Heaven on Earth Restaurant”. It looks like the offerings at the exhibit would be fascinating and fill your entire day. Hope all went well today. Safe travels for tomorrow.


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